Consignment store fraud, please advise

  1. Wow crazy.
  2. Thank you all for your kind messages. After reading up what people posted on my thread, I feel like I have very little chance of getting my money back ever again. I have talked to another lady who got cheated and she told me that Rosie is now sitting in jail for 8 years. However, I think the business was run by her son, Keeter, because I remembered he called me to say they were in financial troubles. I misheard Keeter for Peter when he called so after reading that Rosie's son is Keeter I kind of put things together. So please be aware that her son is now running business, wherever the new location will be! Also, the store manager's name was Lucia and she was a liar as well.

    I know this sounds like I'm giving up, but I guess I am dealing with a very professional scammer here and the best thing I can do is to report to BH Police. I doubt they can do anything as well. However, a member told me to use all social media to stop this person from doing it again. So I ask your favor to please put in your twitter, facebook, instagram whatever you have these names and the stores associated with them to prevent others from the same fate.

    In all I am sad that I lost money but thankful it's not millions of dollars like she swindled others. I will still file a police report in the slightest hope that the police will stop her from doing this ever again to other people.

    Thank you so much for your help.
  3. Dealing with professional scammers is a difficult task. I recall to have been at this small consignment store on Bedford Drive a while ago, but not sure why, I didn't like it.

    The police report and spreading the word are important to prevent other people from being scammed. Good luck OP!
  4. Great job helping Ss15 on this everyone! :urock:
  6. Op, I would inquire if there is a restitution order against her, perhaps they can link it up to the new business if she is shown to have a "hand in" there. This is an extreme longshot, but everything you have is a longshot.
  7. I live in California and I had to sue a shoe repair for damage to my jimmy choo, from what I understand a small claim case ie up to $5000 will not let you have an attorney. I don't know how much money your out but if it's under or at $5000 you file a small claims case yourself and it's easy to do the paperwork with the court. If it's more them $5000 it would be a civil case and you would get an attorney, I was a bail agent for 12yrs and spent a lot of time in the court house. Good luck
  8. OP, the Small Claims limit in California is $10,000 and attorneys are not allowed to appear in small claims, though you can be advised by one. Check out this link -

    If you do try to proceed, go against all three, but you can probably only serve the store name and the son - with Rosie's status unknown, you probably can't serve her and it will bog things down. She filed an appeal but I can't tell the status of that and it has been awhile by now. She received a 9 year prison sentence and a fine (or restitution, can't recall which), but that pertains to the victims of the financial scheme and has nothing to do with her store.

    If I were in your shoes, I'd read over the attached and then would contact a Small Claims Advisor with your questions. Worth a shot, I think, even if you ultimately decide it is not worth the time and effort to actually file.

    I'm very sorry that this happened to you.
  9. Coming from zero knowledge or experience on SCC, we filed and eventually won a case (not fashion related) but that was the easy part - the tough part is collecting. Also serving the registered agent but there are some ways around that if it comes to be impossible. As was said going against both the company AND as many individuals as allowable is the way to go.
  10. Rose Maria Ray - is in Victorville at the federal prison. Her release date is 7/17/2019 (So she's went in July 2012?) Federal inmate data base is how I found her. ( Just looked up a former business deadbeat on saturday, at another federal prison or we could introduce them. lol)

    It's illegal to run a business from prison. Do you have a consignment form with her name on it? Dated after she went in the slammer?

    To cut out time trying to hunt down her offspring, cut the chase short. Contact the Warden at the prison in Victorville. Do it through an email, telling him what happened. Be professional, stating facts. Givng sons name. Leave emotion out of it. (It'd be easier to do through an email.) Attach all related info.

    Its not the warden's problem, although he would be interested in knowing whether she's trying to run an enterprise while in serving time. Maybe he'll give you info on where to locate her bad seed. Her son probably comes to see her. The prison requires that they know all current info about who is visiting. They also aren't favorable to criminals visiting criminals. Even if they are family.

    If her son is a race car driver, maybe he is on a team? Like NASCAR has teams. If you locate the team I'd be writing them a letter too. The might have a morals clause in their contract, or maybe they would pay you directly & take it out of his account. Who knows. There are all kind of racing magazines, maybe you can find a past issue with info on Keeter.

    Good luck OP> There are many businesses where the owner just disappears, no bankruptcy is filed. Not much one can do. Cost too much to chase them down & many times they have nothing anyway.
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    OP Oh my god. At the end of last year I went there to talk about consigning my bags when i was ready to sell. The employee (male) was so nice and talked themselves up as sellers over Fashionphile.

    I was intending to consign my bags there! Thank you for the warning and I hope you are able to recoup even some of your money back :mad: