Considering selling my Chanel bag..

  1. Hi all! I'm usually in the LV forum, but I also love Chanel. A few years ago I bought a pink patent leather Chanel bag with a medallion (don't know the exact name) and it is beautiful but I never have any occasion to wear it. I'm *thinking* about mayyyybe selling it, if I can bear to part with it.. :crybaby: anyway I was curious if anyone knows about this bag, and how much I could get for it? I paid $1360 for it a few years ago, condition- I'd say it's an 8 out of 10, good but not perfect. I am working on trying to upload a pic of it. Thanks!!
  2. Unless it's hard to find and/or an exrtremely popular bag you'll be lucky to get 50% of what you paid.
  3. Hmm ouch.. If I were only going to get $650 for it I guess I might as well keep it and try to find occasions to use it. Thanks for your opinion!
  4. Can you post a pic?
  5. tread lightly folks, we don't really allow discussion like this as it leads to people attempting to buy/sell here.
  6. Sorry mods!! I didn't realize my post might not be appropriate- I was just trying to decide if it might be worth it to sell or it or if I should just keep it instead, I apologize! :shame:
  7. I will keep it first and see. Coz Spring is here and usually for spring, pink comes in pretty nicely :tender:
  8. Good point^ pink is a great color for spring! It's definitely a spring/summer bag, not a winter bag. I'll try to post a pic tonight just to show you what it looks like.