Considering buying a first...look at how Sienna carries hers

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  1. I am considering buying my first Balenciaga, most likely the black first. I was looking through a magazine and saw Sienna Miller (who i don't really like all that much, but anyways) carrying hers and she turned up the hardware of her handles so that there's a space between the body of the bag and the handles. I sort of like the way it looks but am worried that it would ruin the leather so if I ever wanted to carry it the original way I wouldn't be able to. What do you guys think?
    sienna_miller.jpg sienna-miller-nyc.jpg smiller.jpg
  2. i'm wondering if she turned the hardware on purpose or if they are doing that because her bag is so worn? Anyone? Nevertheless, she looks fab with her trusty black first! and the first looks great!
  3. I'm pretty sure she's doing it intentionally.

    My 02 flat brass that I've had for 5 years has the *normal* handles, and I haven't seen any signs of hardware exposed. You'll have to cut the leather around it to have the hardware exposed.

    I personally prefer the *original*look, and since you won't be able to reverse it, I really wouldn't recommend you doing that. It's really a personal preference, though.
  4. Oh wow.. I always noticed her First looked a little 'different', but never knew why.. interesting...
  5. :confused1:
    Do you guys think she cut the leather, or was she able to turn the loops upward because the leather has softened from use? I'm thinking it's the latter.
  6. I think so too. :yes: I'm not sure if I like the look but I do like that it makes it more easy to shoulder carry with the handles!
  7. I have the same sentimentals too......i also find out the handles look a bit odd when she carried that fact, i also have one 02 fbf but as u know the bag is 5 yrs old and till now, i don't seem to see that the handles will turn out in that manner....hahahah
  8. ;)
    On the subject of wearing the handles comfortably on the shoulder, our fellow pf-er Beverly (who has converted most of her City's to First's) told me a trick she does if the handles are too snug for the shoulder...she will hang the bag by the handles and put a heavy book or two in the bag, and leave it at least overnight, or however long it takes to get the desired length. I have not tried this myself, so if you want to ask her any questions about it, her pf name is Beverly.
  9. I just bought a 05 Black First and it is so cute and useful.:tup: Go for it.:yahoo:
    IMG_2688 (2).JPG
  10. You can never go wrong with owning a First which is why I have one winging its way to me now!

    Its such a classic that is possibly the cutest small bag above all other designers.
  11. I say go for it! it's a great size for day and night!

  12. Thats a great tip. I was thinking of selling my first because i cant get it on my shoulder. Will a first REALLY stretch enough to fit?? If so im really excited!! :smile:
  13. Yeah me too - I've never noticed that before. The leather must be very worn for her to be able to do that.
  14. Wow - I'm tempted to do that with my new city! I would l-o-v-e to be able to wear my city over my shoulder while wearing a jacket. But I'm a big chicken :graucho: so I might wait until a few brave TPFers try it.

  15. Interesting - I too never noticed that!