Considering a Digital Perm...Opinions?

  1. was it a digital perm? because my stylist said that it was good i already had layers because that's usually how they do the perm. once it's done, if it's frizzy they thin it out some but i doubt this will be the case since my hair isn't super thick.
  2. ^Yes it was digital. The results weren't so great for my friend because her hair had a lot of layers + she had bangs, oh and also, she had magic straight done. Her stylist warned her ahead that since she had straightened her hair before~ it can damage it because of the use of too many chemicals + heat.

    You don't seem to have too much layering done~ so it should be fine, and plus, you're growing it out right?

    This same friend just got another perm done last month and looked so much better! I think she learned her lesson (longer hair, no bangs and kept it natural for the longest time).... but she got another perm called "Z ion perm". She goes to HAIR DAY on Western/San Marino st. (If you're korean.. i'm sure you know where i'm talking about) But yeah... this perm is supposedly better only because it takes less time.
  3. cool then i should be fine. i'm definitely growing out my straightened hair and my hair and yea, my hair isn't extremely layered. =]
  4. i've really been thinking about getting a digital perm...i really like how loose the waves look and the concept of just waking up and with my hair pretty much looking done sounds really appealing. i'm still waiting for my hair to grow out...but it's taking FOREVER! =( i usually keep my hair short/medium...maybe it's incapable of growing longer now :crybaby:
  5. great post...I say go for it.. And please post pics ;)
  6. i always thought an ionic perm was the same as thermal reconditioning i.e. magic straight perm (a hair straightening perm). the ceramic perm, i believe, is close to if not the same as the digital perm. i heard there might be a slight difference in that the digital perm is "newer" but based on results, i think they're pretty much the same. it's hard to tell because all the perm "names" get lost in translation! either way, i'm glad to hear taht results came out well for you. =]
  7. I think it looks kinda neat. I say go for it.

    You are very pretty btw!
  8. i'm digitally perming in an hour! i'll be posting pictures sometime tonight. wish me luck!!!
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    alrighty so i went in for my digital perm today. i think i ended up getting a ceramic perm (the rollers weren't connected to a machine), but i love the results all the same!

    so this is how i looked coming into the salon:


    (last picture with straight hair!)

    first they had to put perm solution in my hair and heat it up:


    afterwards they rolled my hair in ceramic rollers and let them set for a bit. then they doused the rollers in perm solution and let that sit:


    after taking out the rollers and rinsing my hairs, they lightly blowdried for a couple minutes and tousled. the end result:




    gorgeous, wavy curls! the first picture was taken right after i was done so my hair's still a little damp but the other two pictures were taken once my hair had dried out. i love this look and i'm really glad i made the change! as much as i loved my straight hair, i think this is a really cute, fun, look for the summer and it's nice to see something different on my head for once! =]

    the curls are a little tight but they're that's how they're supposed to be immediately after gettin the perm. once i wash my hair, they should loosen up a bit. either way, i'm really loving the look!
  10. i love it! i have had the same stick straight asian hair in layers cut a few inches below my shoulders just like you for years and when i want that way look, it takes at least 30 minutes and it falls out so quickly. i wish there was a good place in houston somone could recommend. i've had nightmare perms in the past, and i know technology has changed, but i'm still nervous!

    your hair looks abs gorgey! oh and i love how you got the curls only halfway up so the top still looks smooth.
  11. Hi,
    Love your perm. It came out wonderful.
    I just got a perm a month ago but I wished that I went with the medium curls instead of the large ones. Which ones did you get? I wish mine had tighter curls like yours...
    By the way, what hair products did your stylist use to make the curls stay?

  12. I love the result! Looks even more natural and wavy than I expected, but that's still great. I like this look and I'm sure it will be much easier for you in the morning without having to style much. Congratulations :smile:
  13. i'm not sure which size i got. probably medium based on how it looks but i can't say for sure. the curls are tighter now but they'll probably loosen up a bit once i wash them out. i actually wanted it slightly looser so this works for me.

    as far as products go, my stylist just told me to put a glossing serum in my hair and to let it air dry while twisting the curls in clusters with my fingers. she actually told me to minimize blowdrying if possible. i've been using fekkai's glossing cream and biosilk's leave in so i assume that should work fine but i won't know for sure until i'm allowed to wash my hair again. i'll let you know if this works out for me. =]
  14. Hisako over in Chelsea does digital perms, it's a little pricey but my friend's hair turned out so pretty.
    and I think I've seen a salon in the Koreatown area promoting it, but I dunno anyone who's tried it over there yet.

    @lesparkley: yr hair is so pretty! can u show us another pic after u've washed it so that we can see what it looks like?

    I've been wanting a digital perm for like a year now but still haven't been able to just go and do it.
  15. Your hair looks AMAZING!!! Wooooooowwwww!!!

    I love how, in the 1st pic, you are holding a laptop in the salon :smile: Were you on tpf?? :smile: I would be - I just can't get enough!