Conservative/Stylish dresses for work

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  1. I am looking for some cute dresses for work. I went to the mall yesterday. I just did not see anything that excited me. Do you ladies have any suggestions? I am looking for something that has a heavy fabric as it is still cold where I am. I checked out United Colors of Benneton and BCBG and Banana republic. Any other ideas?
  2. Do you get Austin Reed in the US? They are very good for work

    I was going to suggest RM but it's at a high price point.

    As is Acquascutum perhaps but you might be able to find some pieces in the sale still.

    Sorry about the UK theme but Jaeger is also good

    Sorry about the European bias here, perhaps it will help someone else reading this if not the OP.

    You may be surprised how many good work dresses and suits Dolce & Gabbana and McQueen do (but again expensive).

    I think it's hard finding good things for work because so many designers chase the same 'ladie's of leisure' market..
  3. I love J Crew suiting dresses for work. But are you asking for suit dresses for work or sweater dresses? It might be hard to find winter dresses as most stores are starting to bring in spring now.
  4. Lovely suggestions papertiger! Especially Acquacutum...they're so classy.

    I suggest Hugo Boss black label. There's more selection if you go to the boutique/store than at department stores which have very limited selection. The prices are pretty reasonable and should have sales on their winter selection right now.

    Theory and Trina Turk would be great brands to go with as well - they're very reasonably priced and can be found in all the major department stores.

    Personally I wouldn't go with BCBG - I bought some clothes from there and all ended up with holes in them after one or two wearings. It's more of disposable clothing than something you would want a lot of use out of for work.
  5. these are very cute!