Cons of silk scarves

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  1. I still did not use my new Sprouse scarf and i just noticed a little thread of it is gone away..:crybaby:probably my nails?
    i'm so's not really noticeable but it hurts me..because is new..umpf..i think silk is too fragile...anyone with the same problem?
  2. No, I know how you feel. I lost my scarf off my Passy and I still miss her.
    Maybe you can tie it with the damaged part underneath so it can't been seen?
  3. Oh, yes, I feel your pain.:sad: I am buying the cotton or blended ones from now one. I have a huge run in one of my silk LV scarves and it happened only after a couple of days after I purchased it. I am too big a klutz to have silk, I'm afraid.:shame: :shrugs:
    I did what Jean recommended and tied it in such a way that the run is less noticeable, but my luck, the run is along the most flattering side of the scarf where it says LOUIS VUITTON. Figures! :Push:
  4. Noo, it's so sad!! what was that scarf?

    yes, i'll try for sure to hide the imperfection..because i would like to tie it around the neck
  5. I don't know the name of it. It is a geometric design with red, navy and black on a cream background. LOUIS VUITTON is then written down the side.
    I think your scark, lovely by the way, will hide a flaw better, unless it is huge bc it has more of a pattern on it. The cream background really makes the run noticeable.:sad:
    Good luck and it will look beautiful tied around your neck.
    It does look striking tied to your speedy too!:love:
  6. Thank you!! you're so sweet!
    i'll post a picture of it asap:yes: