*Congrats* to tPF's "Auth This" for being recognized in Lucky Mag!

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  1. Just got my Lucky magazine March 2010 issue in the mail today and was thrilled to see Tpf mentioned in the "Expert Advice" column of Lucky's "thewebpages" feature (page 72)!

    Congrats big time to Megs, Vlad and especially to our incredibly knowledgeable authenticators who generously share their expertise on a daily basis!

  2. :balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon: :Partyhat:
  3. :woohoo::tup::dothewave::party::Partyhat::Partyhat:
  4. That's so cool!!! Our TPF gals will single-handedly put the fakers out of business!
  5. :rochard:
  6. Saw the article! :tpfrox::urock::party::dothewave::drinkup::ghi5::happydance::woohoo::yahoo:

  7. ill drink to that :drinkup:
  8. YAY!!!! :tup:
  9. very cool!
  10. How great!!!
  11. That's fantastic, just got Lucky today in the mail. *runs off to read it*

    I've used the "Auth This" many times and am always amazed and appreciative of the folks that provide their opinions on bags.
  12. YES!!! Someone posted this on my facebook wall!!!

    We just got the mag, going to scan it in. Thanks to Yogi's Closet for mentioning us!!!!

    It is all of you, the authenticators, that made this possible :party:
  13. Freakin' A!!! Super cool!!!
  14. Congrats Meggs and Vlad and all our authenticators!:drinkup:
  15. that's awesome!! i just looked thru that magazine the other day, i must have missed it.... going to look again now.