1. Is there any way to be able to either instant message, email to another member? Or if I wanted to send a message how would I do it? Can I exchange e-mail address with another member?:confused1::confused1:
  2. There is a PM (private message) option, have you tried that? BTW, you can't use PMs to try to solicit your items. No one wants junk PMs. ;)
  3. click on any member's name and select "send a private message to_____"
  4. I did but I was getting an the error message below:
    Sorry! That user has specified that they do not wish to receive emails. If you still wish to send an email to this user, please contact the administrator and they may be able to help.
  5. ^ Some people do not accept EMAILS. But you need to click on "send a private message to". Everyone on the board can receive a private message :yes:
  6. ^uh-huh:yes:
    Private messages are different from e-mails. . . I don't accept e-mails.:nogood:
  7. So it is Ok to exchange email address with other member? Also, where exactly is the send private message option.... I cant seem to see it anywhere...... thx girls
  8. the private message option should be the second option on the drop-down menu when you click on someone's name. if the member has fewer than 5 posts, you cannot send them a private message.
  9. Gris, I just sent you a test message so you can see how the system works. Hope it helps! :yes:
  10. Thank You all - but I think the person Im trying to private message does not accept them....:sad:
  11. Nothing we can do about that then.
    If someone doesn't want to be reached, that's their prerogative:yes:
  12. Your so so right ... but I went back to that member's profile and notice she has posted 3 threads ONLY ...... bummer...... Oh Swanky Mama of Three ...... so sorry for advertizing my bag that I m selling...... I should have read the RULES......... my apologies....... Oh and sorry for repeating it again.... LOL