Confused with MiuMiu Bow's colours....?

  1. Hiii,, i will be getting a miu miu bow bag soon and i'm really confused with all the different colours and names, can u all post pics of different colours with their names please??
    (mainly confused with the off white, allumino? and grey)
    thanks girls!!!
  2. The "off white" is Talco ( original italian name )and it is the lightest colour. Then there are 2 greys: the lighter one is Aluminio, the darker one is Fumo ( english smokey)- but fumo is out of stock everywhere, even in Milano boutiques.Then there comes a pinkish colour: nude( dont know italian name). And a mauvish: Mughetto. Then there were a caramel and a black colour.
  3. thanks so much for the help!!
    i would like either the aluminio or the fumo!! they are very very nice colours!!
  4. The italian name of nude color is NUDO and it means like natural-skin color.
  5. Where can I find a bow bag--would love it in caramel. Is it still available somewhere?

  6. what about dark brown? I thought it also comes in dark brown?!