Confused with Customs

  1. I hear you guys talk about Customs all the time when buying LVs outside of the country. Is there really a limit with how many LVs you can buy when in Paris, Hong Kong, etc.? Would Customs really confiscate some newly purchased LV bags? I think I remember reading that in one of the threads once.

  2. It's not customs that puts a limit on your purchases, it's some LV boutiques like the flagship store in Paris. Customs has nothing to do with THAT.

    As for confiscating: As far as I know customs will only confiscate FAKE bags :yes: The worst that could happen is that you have to pay custom fees for your abroad purchases since only items up to a certain amount don't get taxed
  3. When I went through customs to get the VAT back in London, the guy didn't even look into my bag. He just said "you have them on you? okay good, here you go". However... not every customs officer may be like that. HTH!
  4. My purses are stuck at customs right now from Hong Kong and have been for 15 days.... still waiting....
  5. My bag was held at Customs Manila. It came from Hongkong, declared as a used bag with value of $64. I had other bags delivered from other countries right to my doorstep and I had to pay a minimal fee of <PHP100.

    It seems that you're looking to purchase a bag from abroad. It would be helpful if you could say where you are located so we could help you out. Once you see anything you like, you can always post them at the "authenticate this" section at the top of the LV forum.

    If you are located in Manila, try checking out the eBay Philippines website. There's a discussion forum somewhere in the Community Section regarding Customs duties that are pages long with tips on how-to-dos. There's also an eBay section for TPfersat the top of the LV forum. You may want to check these out first.

    LV Japan and Hongkong do not ship to Manila. I think it's because we have one out here. Hope this answers some of your questions.

    Good luck and happy shopping and hope you find the perfect bag for you soon!
  6. I have never had an issue... I have shipped to Canada before and it took about 17 days to get to her because of customs.