Confused.... Suhali Verone Lockit PM or MM

  1. I have been debating for about a week between the Suhali Verone Lockit PM or MM. I just can't make up my mind, I would like to get others opinions.
    I think the PM looks more chic, however I just do not know of it will have enough room for the essentials. On the other hand, the MM has lots of room, but I wonder if it's too big. I always end up buying the wrong size and have to sell it and rebuy it...( I know lots of you do the same)I already have a black Le Fab, and a white Le Tal, so I know I want a lockit this time. I like how it has less hardware , I think it looks better with the Verone. Any opinions?
  2. GET THE PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm getting mine for my Bday in a few months :biggrin:
  3. I've the MM and I'm so delight.

    It's almost the same size as Speedy 30, except taller which I think it fits all the things I have.

    The PM is too small, IMO.
  4. I think I am leaning towards the MM....I am 5'8 with a slender build so I think I could pull it off. I am heading to Tysons Galleria tomorrow, I will come home with one of them!
  5. I have also black Le fab and I'm hoping to get Verone Lockitt MM. I think it's perfect size, not too big or small and it can hold a lot. First I was considering the PM but now MM is my only option :tup:

    So GET IT :nuts:
  6. I love the PM.
  7. I love the PM verone.:nuts: The only thing better would be having the matching suhali shoes too.:drool:
  8. I'd get the MM! I don't think it would be too big on you. I just love this color! :drool:
  9. I love the PM! :smile: Well, it depends on your own needs really. When I considered it, at first I wanted an MM so I could fit some files in there. But after thinking it over, I decided a PM would be sufficient and I'd just carry the files in my hand, like I do with most of my other bags...
  10. The mm is pretty large. I thought I wanted one too until I tried it on :sad:
  11. I have the PM and love it ... I vote for the PM:tup:
  12. I vote for the PM as well.. but I am not a huge fan of the verone color!!
  13. I ended up buying the pm, as the mm was really big. The mm looked more like a tote. Thanks for the advice!
  14. I prefer the MM because I tend to carry a lot of items and I like bigger bags.
  15. I personally LOVE the pm size, the MM is just a tad too large for me, but that's just my own tastes, regardless of size, that bag is TDF !!!!!!!!