confused! please help?!

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  1. OK, here's my situation...i have been lusting after the In and Out (in purple) for weeks and weeks. Today I played with it :P at the Chanel Gardens, and found out it is lambskin, although with a glaze or something over it. Please tell me, In and Out owners, is there a big difference in the durability of lambskin in the In and Out, as opposed to regular lambskin? The lambskin on the classic jumbo flaps look softer and more vulnerable than the IN and Out lamb. I thought the In and Outs were calfskin. ?

    also, there's the chocolate brown caviar jumbo classic flap with silver h/w. oh my god, TDF. the color makes it a bit edgy, which i love.

    If you were me, and could choose one or the other, which would it be? What it goes with isnt a factor, because i dont match colors! (i.e., would wear purple with green, etc., would wear chocolate brown with pink - love that color combo, actually :wtf: lol)
    any advice, help, opinions.....TIA:heart:
  2. Well, I'm biased because I have the in and out flap in burgundy and love it. No issues with the leather. My bag has bumped into doors and walls with no bruises. The in and out leather has a polished finish which may add to the durability.

    I love brown bags but since I can't do a jumbo size-wise, I went with the brown expandable fap and tote. It's a hard decision for you because both are gorgeous. I have a feeling most will say the brown caviar jumbo because it's more classic than the in and out, but the in and out polished leather makes the colors look so vibrant, whereas the new washed caviar looks flat. BTW, I love wearing pink with my brown bags too!
  3. I have the purple in and out. Yes Roey I will wear it soon, lmao! I think the color is gorgeous. I love it. MMMMMMMMM I cant wait to use it for the fall. I love both bags. I like the purple because I have nothing like it in my bag wardrobe. I would love a brown caviar too.
  4. Roey and Sjunky, thanks! i so appreciate your posts (and any one else's who may view here!!) :flowers: i am so confused but i know the answer will come.

    Roey, is the reason why you can't do jumbo flaps because they're just not big enough? actually, that's an issue for me too, but am trying to mellow, because how can a Chanel collection have no jumbo in it???!!!! (sometimes i think i'm too influenced by the lovely ladies on here :confused1:):shrugs:
    but then again, - a vote in favor of the In and Out - whats the use if you cant throw everything into your bag? do you do that with the In and Out, and not worry???!!!

    and Sjunky, i can see why you adore the purple if there's not much color in your for me, i have the pink Chanel medallion tote, bordeaux caviar GST, as well as the blue Cotton Club tote (and a green Bal city!) so maybe should get a darker color, like the choco brown, or even -- gasp! -- black??!! (only have 2 black bags out of the 21 i own)

    and Roey, i have the expandable too. does the In and Out collapse in the middle as much as the expandable? sorry for all the questions, but you know how we can get sometimes :P
  5. I like the in and out in burgundy.
  6. Hey Girl
    Got your phone message just now!LOL!
    I think the IN and Out is VERY durable and WAY bigger than a jumbo.If u r looking for an everyday bag,The in and out is the one.If u r looking for a going out bag,I say get the jumbo caviar in brown!I adore BOTH bags so its hard!!!!
    Had the baby here all week (he was sick too) Ill call u to catch up this weekend!!!
  7. dude, am sorry to hear the little guy is sick....a cold? anyway just call when you can, you glamorous gramma LOL

    lordie, these Chanel decisions are hard...deciding what house to purchase was easier lololol :nuts:

    PS we never go is so casual, funky, trippy, wild, eccentric, sexy, lol hehe, but when i see pics of celebs dressed way down, but with jumbos, it looks so so cool!!
  8. My vote is for the brown caviar jumbo.....I think it is gorgeous.....:heart:H
  9. Yes, the jumbo is not big enough. I don't carry a lot in my bag but what I do carry takes up space like a long wallet, Chanel sunnies with hardcase, reading glasses with hardcase, paddle brush, cell phone with case, and lip gloss. I could not fit both my long wallet and Chanel sunnies into a jumbo without it feeling cramped, and I had to trade my paddle brush in for a small comb in the inside pocket. I don't like to strategically place things inside my bag or organize them - I like to throw them in and go! For that reason, I bought a black/gold XL vintage jumbo which is perfect, the expandables and in and out flaps.

    I think the caving in is equal for both the exp and in and out. But because the in and out has the magnetic closure, I don't fumble with it nearly as much as the turnlock.
  10. aaahhhh...Roey, i am very much like you....may exhange her for IN/Out!

    thanks everybody so much for input...:yes:
  11. Was that the phone call about yesterday? Sorry I wasn't around. Be back Wednesday. I can't wait to see your latest additions.