Confused daughter's stomach pain???

  1. For all those moms out there maybe you can offer some advice. I am trying to figure out what is going on with my 7 year old daughter. She has had a stomach ache for the past month+++. She just complaines her stomach hurts from her neck to her stomach area-all over.
    We were first at the doctors for a sinus infection and she was on antiobotics about 4-5 weeks ago, then a few days later in to the doctors for the stomach pain. He said take her off antiobotics, he said she was OK-he could press on her stomach and it did not hurt, no gas. But she continues to say it hurts on and off..... Back to the doctos again-he says to try zantax and tums for heartburn/gas. SO we do this, then back in 3 days and he says possible lactose problem to try the lactose pills before any dairy. He wants a blood test run but says we have to wait because her throat is messed up (sinus) and this could cause the blood results to come out wrong. It is a daily occurance with the stomach pain but it is not like you can touch one area and it hurts.
    I am going to take her to the doctors tomorrow (her 6th time this month). I am also taking her for blood work tomorrow if the lab is open.
    I feel so sorry for her.

    Now I wonder if this could be stress due to nightmares????? My 10 year old son scared her weeks ago about skeletons in the basement and she had had recurring nightmares about this......a few times a week. She tells me her nightmares are too scary to tell me but she does and the skeletons are all the major theme.
    I just need some help. I don't know what to do? She is a pretty happy girl, very loved and the love of my life. I don't want to see her in any pain. She is not one to complain and something has to hurt her very bad in order for her to say she does not feel well.
    Any thoughts???????
    Everyone is so supportive here maybe you can help.
  2. Ok this part won't sound helpful, but it could be anything really. Make sure to follow all the medical steps and that should narrow and cut out certain things.

    When I was younger (and now still actually!) I get stomach aches when I am nervous. I can't help it at all or stop it and it could last for up to a month straight. I can honestly say that it feels like I have a tummy ache and something is wrong, but it is just nerves. It took me years to realize it though! And I was also really happy!!!!! If it were stress, it would not be because she isn't happy- just having some anxiety.

    My best advice is to talk to her- see what she says how she feels how she acts. Is she different around her friends and feeling ok? Does it hurt more before bed time (scared to have a nightmare)? You know her best- she is your daughter!! What does your gut tell you now?

    About the lactose intolerance- you could try to keep her off dairy for a few days and see if she feels better- just as a test yourself while you are waiting to hear! It is a simple 'test'. And also if the Dr's tests keep coming up with everything being fine, I would lean towards anxiety and maybe have her see someone. I did it when I was 8!!

    Good luck and I hope she feels better soon!!! :love:
  3. Is she eating well?? Maybe she has developed an allergy to something she has all the time??
  4. Gilliana! Im sorry I dont really have any advice to give, except maybe you can try to sleep with her in her room so that she feels safer and doesnt have such bad nightmares ? Hm, I really dont know what to say, but I sure hope she feels better soon! its simply heart-breaking to watch a child endure pain and i hope that she will be back to her normal, happy self very soon!:heart:
  5. I think we have a few docs on this board -- even some peds so hopefully they will give some advice.

    I have a lot of friends with sensitive stomachs (me at times too). As Meg said, it could just be anxiety.

    I hope she feels better soon!
  6. The SAME thing happened to me. I am not the mom though-- I'm the child. My doctor tried telling me I had the sinus infection, then maybe a lactose problem, then he didn't know what to do. I get horrible stomach pains to the point where I can't even get out of bed. I had to get a chronic illness form so that I would be able to miss school.
    After a couple more months he found out I had ulcers.. so that could be a possibility?? I hope it isn't though.. Good luck! :heart:
  7. She is eating OK. There are times when she says her stomach hurts so she does not want to eat. Yesterday we did Chinese food and she ate good, white rice, noodles and chicken so I was happy to see her enjoy her food. Her stomach aches get worse about a hour before bed and my neighbor thought what does she gain by having these stomach aches???? Of course it is mommies undivided love and attention. But she is waking up at 1-3 am screaming with nightmares so I wonder if this is really the problem. Her stomach problems came on so suddenly and she never had any stomach problems before. I guess the doctor tomorrow may give us some answere. I am supposed to take her to a gastor. doctor for a lactose test but it could be weeks before we get in, there isn't even a gastro doctor for kids in the county I live in, we have to go about 45 minutes away to find a doctor and I am waiting for them to call me back.
  8. Monica,
    How did they test you for ulcers? I thought of this too. I feel something has to be causing this. But is it a real illness or stress/anxiety. Tonight 2 friends were over to play and she wanted to send them home at 9:00 because she said she wasn't feeling well and wanted to go to bed. I always lay down with her to put her to sleep-which takes about 10 minutes and always stay in her bed if she has a nightmare. I am kind of burnt out from lack of sleep because it is hard for me to go back to bed.
  9. Megs has given you some good advice. I used to get stomach aches from stress, and my younger daughter still does. One thing that I found helpful for both of us is a Bach flower remedy (actually a combination) called Rescue Remedy. It comes in a liquid and a cream form, and is used to help deal with stress. Because it works on a subtle vibrational level, it can be used even if the person is on medications, either a few drops in a glass of water, or even just on the skin. It really works! I hope your daughter finds relief (and you, too from your wories) I'll send good thoughts your way.

  10. That's good stuff. Helps alot. Maybe we have a mental doc here that can give you some pointers on how to help her with these nightmares. They can be really awful :oh:
  11. Wow-I used rescue remedy ages ago for my anxiety. I think I will try to go to the health food store tomorrow and get some.
    I used the liquid-how does one use the cream? I mean would it work if you rubbed it on the stomach?
  12. She is probably bone tired! Takes a toll after a while
  13. I would use the drops. I have used it for my daughter before
  14. Thanks everyone:love:
    I am going to try to get some sleep---you have all been so helpful.
    Have a great night/day tomorrow.
  15. :oh: Poor thing.. that is just the worst. I can still remember my daughter whimpering (shudder)