confused about Hanae Mori...

  1. I just posted on Makeup alley, but still kinda not sure, is Hanae Mori the same as Hanae Mori Butterfly? I sprayed the bottle while at Nordstroms and it looked the one I sprayed didn't have butterflies on it and one did. But when I went online to order, all I can find is the butterfly, does this make any sense???:confused1:
    To make things worse, I bought SJP Lovely and hate it after it dries down, way too musky on me!!:yucky:
  2. My understanding is that years ago there was a Hanae Mori perfume and the Butterfly--two separate fragrances, but in very similar bottles. I believe the "regular" Hanae Mori perfume was discontinued and now there's only the Butterfly version.

    I think it comes in eau de parfum, eau de toilette and perfume... I think the perfume version does not have butterflies painted on the bottle... I'd double check with Nordy's before ordering online--they're pretty good about knowing their fragrances.
  3. Thanks!! That is where I sampled it, so I will check.
  4. Hanae Mori is my alltime favorite!!
  5. The Hanae Mori -Butterflies is for women. The Hanae Mori in a grey box comes in EDT and EDP and is for men. I love this one!!! My boyfriend wears it and loves it! I like the men's version much better than the butterfly one for women. I have never heard of two different HM for women perfumes, just the butterfly.

    He buys his HM at Sephora.