Confirmed Price Increase?

  1. Is there a set price increase? If so, on what date?

    I need this information for my mother. If i find out the date she will most likely get me the MC speedy before than. (I need her help to pay for it). One of the SA's mentioned that the MC line may be discontinued, so that works well against my mother, hehe :yes: And now, all i need is the next price increase!

    Thanks guys! :love:
  2. i think the ideas of an increase were rumored because there was already one in december i think...
    i really hope they dont discontinue mc!
    i still need an mc pochette!
  3. ^ i'm indifferent, haha.

    If they discontinue the line, people with the MC bags will own more "valuable and special" peices.

    BUT if people who still want a MC item and dont get a chance to get one, it sucks.
  4. Just got off the phone with my SA and he hasn't heard anything yet...but he said they're all expecting it this month.
  5. If they have an increase it will probably be the normal one. Between March and beginning of May. Just tell your mom does she want to pay an extra $200 plus tax for your MC Speedy.
  6. The SAs are not notified until 2 weeks before, my speculation even when the Feb.1 rumor was going around was March 1, as that is when the first one was last year.
  7. ^ ok this is so bad, and i just went to church. BUT im telling my mom the increase is this friday. i feel so bad. haha.
  8. ^^LOL. I guess, whatever works.

    Damn will this effect the vernis' cles? I wanted to get the groom first and then a pomme cles, but not one right after the other because then I won't fully enjoy it.
  9. The MC line is getting discontinued???
  10. Prices for some of the items went up after Christmas because I bought gifts for my friends... and for myself. When I checked on eLuxury, they went up in price for everything I bought except for one thing. But it's Louis Vuitton and people will still buy it.
  11. :wtf:
  12. I really doubt it, they are still releasing new styles....that usually doesn't happen if the line is going to go out.
  13. ^ with the recent defects with the mini HL, the SA's say that the MC MAY be discontinued, nothing is confirmed yet!
  14. LOL...just keep your fingers crossed and pray to be forgiven!
  15. LOL... too funny! well, the price increase is inevitable... probably will come up not too long after this Fri. anyway, although i don't know when either. the sooner you get it, the better. either way, you're still spending the same amount on it, before the price goes up, so might as well just get it now.

    i hope you get your MC speedy soon... are you getting a white or black?