Concord MAM is $550 on vs $595 on LB

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  1. I thought some lady will be interested in this. is selling the MAM at $550 while Funkylala and LB are selling at $595. does charge a heavier shipping though but I thought LB and FunyLaLa are usually selling at the same price as RM.:confused1:
  2. LB jacks up the price on a few bags..

    Edit to add: My Henri bag sells for $625 but LB it sells for $685..
  3. Doesn't what they charge/not charge for shipping has something to do with it?
  4. has several Nikkis for $625, that are $600 at places like LB. Both have free shipping.
  5. For Internation customers:

    MAM @ for $550 + $95 shipping charge = $645

    MAM @ LB for $585 + $25 shipping charge = $610

    LB would still be the better deal.....

    And for many other bags it probably works out the same....I would see retailers being the better deal compared to and there unexplainable shipping charges (also taking into the fact I will most likely be having to pay customs on these purchases as well, the $$ I save NOT buying at can go to that)