1. I use vitamin E concentrate oil 10,000 IU (liquid...light) over my eye creme. Soaks in a bit and not as heavy as vasoline. Concealer goes on smooth and doesn't cake. Also good for the undereye area (no oil glands) that is starting to get crepey/wrinkles.
    It's cheap, too!!!
  2. I've heard good things about Tarte maracuja creaseless waterproof concealer and It Cosmetics bye bye under eye - but haven't seen either of them come up in this thread. I haven't used either of them.....but am curious.
  3. I use maybelline superstay concealer for all major imperfections that aren't covered by just plain ol' foundation.
  4. Either YSL Touché Elcat highlighter or Cle de Peau ... Both pricey but the Cle de Peau is long lasting
  5. I second the YSL. It is wonderful, worth every penny IMHO.
  6. My favorites:

    Cle de Peau - perfect for summer, and for blemishes in all seasons. The most natural look (no highlighting properties) but requires proper under eye hydration.

    Ellis Faas - perfect for winter as quite moist. Good coverage, but never cakey and doesn't settle in lines, ever. More luminous than the CdP, but still quite natural looking.

    Giorgio Armani - very moist and liquid-y, perfect on good days when you only require minimal or light coverage.

    I really like having and use all 3, but if I could only keep one, it would be the Cle de Peau.

    I tried the Bye Bye Undereye concealer from It Cosmetics, but didn't like it too much. I found it hard to work with due to its thicker texture, and if you don't know/learn how to work it properly, it can easily look cakey. However, it has amazing coverage, and a little goes a VERY long way. A very good friend of mine really got the hang of how to use it and loves it, and it looks great on her.
  7. I bought Cle de Peau in August. Havent used it more than a couple of times but don't find the color to be right.

    Yesterday I bought Tarte maracuja creaseless waterproof concealer. It covers beautifully. I have hight hopes for this one.
  8. My HG concealer is from Amazing Cosmetics. It lasts all day, even with my super oily skin. A little goes a long way! Love it!
  9. I like Cle de Peau's concealer too but am not willing to shell out for it, so right now I'm trying NARS' concealer. It seems okay so far! Fingers crossed.
  10. Lancôme concealers are the best!! They blend in extremely well. Love them :smile:
  11. After using Cle de Peau for awhile I must say it doesn't do a thing for my dark circles. I can't understand why it doesn't work for me.
    Tarte is better but now I'm using Mac Pro Longwear Conceler which so far has worked best.
  12. Hi all, just wondering what everyone's favorite concealer is? Or even the ones that you would NOT recommend? Why and why not?

    I have an old concealer from MAC (don't know the kind, it's in a tube like a lip gloss with a wand) that I originally bought to cover up a zit a few years ago, but it really didn't fully cover it and just kind of minimized it. I'm thinking of getting another for occasional under-eye circles and other small blemishes that may arise. My skin is usually clear (but dry) and I don't wear foundation or any face makeup on a daily basis, so I don't want something heavy or too thick. Also, the easier to apply, the better. Any ideas? If it helps, my skin is a yellow tone and tan. Think like Jessica Alba's skin color.

    Thanks in advance!!
  13. I really like the Hourglass concealer for zits. Its wax based so not the most forgiving on under eyes. For the under eyes I actually really like Maybelline age rewind corrector concealer range.
  14. I prefer Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer which works miracles, covering even the darkest under-eye circles.
  15. I love Benefit's Erase Paste for everything except for the eyes. It covers so well and has a brightening effect. It's too heavy for under the eyes. I'm still looking for something that will work for my under eye circles. Your Mac tube is probably an under eye concealer and that's why it's not working well for other areas. I have cheated and warmed up the Benefit erase paste and then applied it on my under eye circles but being very careful not to get it too close to my eye otherwise it will settle and cake.