Complice Trunks and Bags Wallet Limited Ed?

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  1. Hey Everyone,

    i was just wondering, does anyone know if the Complice Trunks and Bags Wallet in monogram is limited edition?

    ive been looking for a wallet from lv, for so long.. and i just came across this.. im located in CANADA, from toronto.. and i am so anxious i cant wait to call tmr morning to see if they have any in stock...

    so i thought id write a quick post here.. so you guys can help me out!!...

    so is this still available???
    (on the lv website, in the e-shopping for united states.. they just updated it and the wallet is shown..! (it wasnt last week when i checked)

    some1 help! :smile:
  2. I'm not sure. I have the T&B Mini Pochette Accessories in Monogram. My SA told me it was kind-of (if that's possible) LE. I got one of the last ones in the US. You might try calling 866.