Completely random, totally off topic research question

  1. So, the question I'm about to ask has NOTHING at all to do with purses or anything remotely fun. I'm just at such a loss and I'm hoping (small hope) that someone on the forum might be able to help me.

    Without being too detailed, I am working on a research project right now where I need to find out who the top shareholders/stakeholders/stockholders (whatever term is used) are for certain companies. These companies are publicly traded, so theoretically speaking, shouldn't the information be available? I've gone to the companies' websites; completed Lexis Nexis searches; tried a few search engines; used financial sources like Hoovers and D&B; and even tried combing through SEC filings - but I can't find anything! :shrugs: If anyone has any clue, I would be greatly indebted.

    Sorry for such a BORING post. :flowers:
  2. If you go to Yahoo and put in the stock exchange trade symbol it will take you to a summary of the company which often includes the execs info or bio. Or, you can go to the home page of the company and look for "execs" or "exec bios".
  3. Thanks Irishgal...this may sound stupid, but is it assumed that the execs are the top holders? I do have the names of the boards of directors and top execs, but are they necessarily the top holders for the company? Sorry if I sound dense.
  4. No, no necessarily. You are not dense. Often, you will see major shareholders who really don't work for or have any real line of sight (to the public) to the organization. I think if you dig deep enough on the Yahoo site or on the company profile you will be able to find your information. Good luck, and be glad you have the internet!
  5. SuLi, that's not a boring question at all. I'm amazed the companies' annual reports do not reveal information on the major stockholders. Hopefully someone on this forum will be able to offer you advice. Good luck!

    PS I live in Singapore and here for instance, the Big Three local banks have to publish info on their top 20 shareholders in their annual reports.
  6. Go to the company webpage, look for Investor Information/Investor Report and look for the latest Annual Report (should be year 2005). All of the information you need should be in the Annual Report if they're publicly traded.

    I just tried it with a company I know & it worked. You could also try calling the company & asking where to find the information if all else fails.
  7. Thanks!

    I've combied through the annual reports and 10K filings of some of these companies already (major headache). All your suggestions are really helpful and I will try again.