Completely in love.....

  1. .....with "Brise de Charme" by Julia Abadie!!!!! I just saw a pic of this beauty on eBay right now in colors that are not good for me....:crybaby: AND I'm on a scarf ban until NY so even if the colors WERE good I CAN'T BUY IT!!!!!

    Anyone with a scarf you are completely besotted with but can't find in colors that work and then that's all you can think about? :push:

    Do I need a life? :p
  2. I think it's the beautiful woman in the fan that captured me.......very Art Nouveau........:love:
  3. It that the scarf in your avatar? I've been admiring it.
  4. guess we need to find it in other colors for you . . . say, like these?

  5. :wtf:


    (i'm a gonner................)

    What year was this issued and where was I?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!?!?
  6. SM, I'm in love with La Danse Du Cosmos in black colorway. Love the red edges but, want to try it on first. Still that does not stop me from visiting the site and admiring it, again and again. Here's hoping I'll find it in plisse and that will we be a match made in Hermes heaven:p If it's not....then:crybaby:
  7. OMG!!!!! DQ I would chuck a lung for the black colorway. LOOK at those colors!!!!!

    1990? I was pregnant, huge and uncomfortable so no thoughts of beautiful scarves by Hermes dancing through my head.
  8. I actually like the colors of the eBay one, I don't see why they shouldn't work on you; are you thinking too much yellow ??? The black looks lovely aswell, the beigy one looks a bit drab to me....but that's JMHO!!!:p
  9. ShopMom, can't you build a look around a scarf? Buy the scarf first, then go from there??

  10. Susi.....that's a gorgeous colorway! I wish I could wear Turquoise though....that's the kiss of death for me. Anything with turquoise in it I have to steer away from :sad: But my daughter looks FANTASTIC in colors I can not wear for the life of me.....turquoise, fuschia, chartreuse. How did it happen?????
  11. I love the "Champs de Courses" scarf, but I've tried every damn color and not one suits me!:crybaby:
  12. ARRGGHHH..........BLOODY HELL! I couldn't help myself! I did it. I bought it. :push:

    ok......that's one less scarf I buy in NY.

    I can't even blame this one on the cat..............:s
  13. shopmom is a fast worker!:heart:

  14. How about the red? This one is lovely and should work with your coloring, no?