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  1. Anyone else going through eluxury withdrawal? Any sites you've found that are similar or nearly comparable? While I've checked out a number of sites that carry bags & shoes, I haven't found anything that even comes close. Anyone have ideas? Thanks!
  2. same here. i go to sometimes but it still doesnt fill the void. lol
  3. is a good one
  4. I've totally gone through withdrawl, I miss eluxury.:cry:

    I agree with it'sanaddiction that Blufly is similar, but I also shop at these sites which are similar to eluxury and blufly:,,,,,, (which also has a great vintage section),,,,, and (limited selection, but you can get good deals).
  5. it's nap for me, but they still don't carry a few of my favorite brands that elux did. :sad:

    on another note, has anyone been answering the daily questions on the new elux site? they're fun.
  6. To answer the question, yes. It is a shame to see a trusted online seller for so many labels go the way of the dinosaur:sad: