Comparable color to Mauvy Mauve (Gelish)

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  1. Anyone know where I can see comparisons to Mauvy Mauve? Can't get that color anymore!
  2. Unfortunately, mauve gel polish is notoriously prone to fading so swatches may not be as reliable as we’d hope! I had the most gorgeous mauve at a posh salon once (a shade that I immediately purchased!) & it morphed into a pale pukey gray over the week. I was so sad.

    Two larger companies with a wide range of gel colors and active social media presence are MadamGlam & Kiara Sky. I would message them a swatch of the color you’re trying to match & ask what in their current collection they’d recommend. (Some lines also have a top coat to resist yellowing / color changes from sunlight.)
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  3. Thanks for that advice. Looking at swatches on line, which isn't the best way to choose something, I found She's My Beauty and Mauve Your Feet, also Gardenia My Heart. All fairly close from the looks of it. I ordered some She's My Beauty and am hoping it's close to my old standby Mauvy Mauve. Thanks again - I do have a swatch stick I could send them. I dropped my bottle, a mini, on the floor, and I could not believe it actually broke and got a whole bunch of polish all over the carpet. Glass shouldn't break on a carpet, should it???? What a mess, and I lost one of my favorite shades in the bargain.