Comments on this dress please!

  1. Hey everyone- I'm on a shopping binge right now and I'd love a fun dress. I never used to be into dresses like I am now, but I would love to have a few more to wear here and there. Vlad will be coming to NYC soon so I really want some cute stuff to wear out with him. What are your thoughts on this dress? It is a Catherine Malandrino Bosque Bell Sleeve Dress. I HATE the boots they pair it will on Net-A-Porter, but I think with some classic closed toe black or red pumps it could be really chic. What do you all think? It is on sale too!! Could I pull it off- honest comments!!!
  2. I like it! It has a certain element of Bohemian chic to it. I think you could pull it off. It has a v-neck, you're fairly tall (if I recall correctly). With some heels, I think it'd look fantastic!!

    EDIT: I really like the contrast printing at the bottom and at the waist. The only time I would not recommend this style is if you're particularly heavy in the midsection, but since you're very fit, I think it'd look terrific!
  3. ^ Thanks for calling me fit! Ha! I'm very tall... 5'10. The v-neck is nice and can showcase me being a woman :rolleyes: I picture it looking cute, i just needed some more opinions!
  4. I personally like this dress a lot. I like the contrast piping and the empire waistline detailing. I think it will look cute with black peep toe heels or red pumps.

    Since, you're tall, the pattern should be ok and in proportion to your height.
  5. Ooh-I like ti a lot-buy it!
  6. I'm 5'8" and never considered myself tall until more recently... I played college volleyball so I was always the short one. Now I am like "where are all the short women coming from??"

    I really do think it'll look terrific on you. What's great is with type of waist on the dress, even if you're bottom heavy, it's very forgiving. It's also very feminine, so I say GO FOR IT!!!
  7. LOVE IT! Definatley get it, it's so summery and flowy
  8. I LOVE IT !!!! I WANT IT !!! Catherine Malandrino is one of my favourite designers.:heart:

    I think Vlad will like it too Megs.:love:
  9. Ok so I shall do it!!!! How does she fit Prada? Medium seem good for me :yes:
  10. Ok... I just saw those boots! Ick! That is dreadful! I think possibly black ones might work, but all in all, I would go for peep toes or closed toe heels.

    Go MEGS! I bet it'll look absolutely fabulous!
  11. Ok I bought it... it might be too small :cry: We will see. Prada says it fits small- and the measurements look like it does. I will suck in!!!!!
  12. I'm glad you bought it, Megs. It's fabulous! You MUST wear red pumps with it!:love:
  13. Hooray! terrific buy!
  14. I love it! And red pumps will be soo hot, please take pics! =)