Commencing partial BAN now! 3000th Post

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  1. As other have noted, hanging out in the CL thread can contribute to an increase in your shoe collection. I started out with one pair I obtained from Bluefly (tweed 2 inch pumps) last summer right about the time I discovered tPF. I actually did order the simple 85's from Saks, but then returned them (semi-long story).

    Anyway, an SA at NM introduced me to the bruges in September and I was hooked. Now, in addition to thee above I have:

    70mm patent leopart pigalles
    85 simple pumps in fucshia & turquoise
    metallika booties
    black/red architeks
    whips roccia VP's
    tobacco brown VP's
    camel patent decolletes

    On the way are the black patent decolletes and the burgandy yoyo 85 ffrom Saks, AND I found a pair of burgandy leather lady gres & blue tiger NP's at decent prices on fleebay and both sellers agreed to let me do a lay-away (I don't like to use credit).

    So, the addiction has been well fed. I do have the black patent VP's and the pink patent NP's on pre-order. I have two Saks egc's coming and I am going to use them for a pair of silver greasepaint yoyo's.

    So, now it is time to slow down and just get shoes that will fill gaps in my shoe wardrobe. I do want to get:

    black kidskin simple pumps
    70mm black kidskin yoyo's
    red glitter patent VP's or NP's

    Thanks to all of you ladies who have given me so much information and helped introduce me to the fabulous, sexy, fantasy and practical side of CL shoes!
  2. Girl, you went cra- zazy! Just joking. You've got a fantastic collection. Enjoy!
  3. wow, what a colledtion. I'm speechless.
  4. Congrats on hitting the 3,000 post milestone!!!

    Your collection of CLs is wonderful. They are all so different and versatile. I am so happy that you found a Lady Gres. You have been wanting that shoe for months! :woohoo:
  5. Congratulations on your 3000th post!

    I agree with you that hanging out here on tPF can make you get things (shoe, clothes, bags, and even kitchenware, LOL!). It looks like you've acquired a good CL selection. I'm also rounding up my collection. I have 2 or 3 more pairs to go and I'm about done, but I know that the craving will ever be so present ;).....
  6. Great collecton ronsdiva! I'm glad you were able to finally get the lady gres and tiger blue karey NPs! The tiger blue NPs are really a great shoe and I just love the bronze tip and heel. I hope your ban lasts! I didn't put myself on a ban or anything, but no styles were really interesting me other than my last two purchases of the nude VPs w/ burg. tip and white/gold architek. I did make a few purchases over the past several days, but I plan on being good again. lol

    How long is your ban for? And, congrats on your 3000th post!
  7. Congrats on your 3000th post! What a great collection!
  8. congrats on your 3000th post!you have an AMAZING collection!
  9. wow congrats girl!!! I too have the same issue LOL
  10. Asha,

    Unless something really jumps out at me or is a really good sale, I am going to probably try to just satisfy my Cl habit by getting the items I really need to have in my general shoe wardrobe. For example, I don't have a white shoe other than sandals so if I see a great one I may add that to the collection.
  11. Congrats on your 3000 milestone and on your versatile CL collection. I think you made wise choices in your acquisitions.
  12. Congratulations! You have a wonderful collection! Enjoy your ban!
  13. What a fabulous collection! Yay!
    It's great you've made a list of the shoes you "need" to add to all the beauties you already own.
    That's a smart move.

    An congrats on 3000+ posts! I've really enjoyed and appreciated your word on this forum! :flowers:
  14. Amazing collection! I love the variety you have in colors, heels heights and styles. Congratulations on getting over 3000 posts!