Comfort of cheap flats vs Expensive heels

  1. Recently I went to Target (where an 8 yr old gave my outfit a disapproving onceover :wtf: ) and bought a few pairs of cute flats to wear uni. I thought it would give me a break from being the lone girl hobbling around campus in her heels but they can't seem to stop hurting me. I've worn them out a few times but parts keep digging into my flesh, hurting my little toe and I think actually pinching on a nerve :push: I find I actually rejoice in wearing my heels as they have never hurt me after three wears and they have pointed toes as well! The difference is the Target shoes are obviously synthetic material and the heels are leather.

    Do synthetic shoes soften up like leather ones? And it is worthwhile to invest in a few nice shoes over a lot of cheaper ones? I like to wears pointed flats as I feel they are more flattering. Or maybe I just have grumpy feet, lol :p
  2. I have a really comfy pair of leather flats I got from Payless for $12.99.

    I think it really depends on the shoe. The cheaper ones most definitely won't hold up as well as the expensive ones (the payless shoes wear out in about 6 months.) But if it is synthetic material they won't soften up. I would just throw or give them away.
  3. bchleo: Those are super cute shoes!!
    Hmm, so synthetic doesn't soften up, that's disappointing. I would just not wear them again but I really like the designs so maybe I'll look for leather ones in similar styles next time I go shoe shopping. The payless flats sound nice, I'll def have to go and see. Dunno, I think I'm going to have to make sure all shoes are leather before buying them.
  4. I don't do payless, because they wear out too soon, like compulsivepurse said, and you have to buy new it's not like you are saving any money. I've had two pairs of Nordstrom's Edies for a year, and they are still going strong.
  5. I like the Jessica Simpson ballet toe flats--in the 50 dollar range--nice and comfortable--even the first time that I wore them out--can find at Dillards, Nordstroms, etc...
  6. Don't get the sythetic ones - they smell bad after a while.
  7. My feet are too flat to wear most ballet flats without any support. I purchased arch supports from the drugstore and it's much more comfortable that way. Now I can finally wear flat shoes again!
  8. Nordstrom Edie is my favorite flat too. They run about $50. Most are leather (though some are pony hair and other materials). I usually wear expensive shoes too and these are some of the only cheaper shoes I can wear all day.
  9. i'd recommend the gap for cheap, comfortable flats.

    they're real leather, and it's surprisingly soft and squishy for the $40 price tag. they actually look a lot like the lanvin flats that people are shelling out $500 for. i have two pairs that i use to walk around my very large, hilly campus (2 miles long in the foothills of the Appalachains!) and they've never hurt my feet one bit.

    i stay away from synthetic shoes, no matter how cheap they are. i know that they will probably make me bleed - it's just not worth it!
  10. i got some cheap flats from Zara about a month ago.
    it is trendy and you don't feel so bad if they break apart after summer time.
  11. target shoes are hit or miss. some fit great and some never soften up (I have some flat sandals that kill me but are adorable!). I try to buy target shoes on clearance so I'm not devastated if they hurt.

    I love american eagle ballet flats. they have great insoles and I can wear them all day. they're my staples.

    I still need to get a pair of those gap ones!! so cute.
  12. That's exactly the way I think too! I get new, kinda cheap flats every season, and throw them away at the end of each season.

    There are a few exceptions, but I rarely pay a lot for flats, I prefer to spend my money on heels instead, because when it comes to those, you really get what you pay for IMO.