Come with me to Chanel Boutique - Reveal

  1. Its a beautiful autumn (fall) day here in Perth, Western Australia. The sun is shining and it is 29c (84f) and I'm off to Chanel, so exiciting. :smile: I thought it would be nice if you could join me on this journey…

    After a battle through closed roads and overflowing carparks I made it on the train and arrived in the city and walked to King street, which is the luxury shopping strip here in Perth.

    If you peek past Gucci and Prada you can make out LV and Tiffany, and Chanel is right next door… here we go.
    IMG_0108.jpg IMG_0109.jpg
  2. Oh my gosh, I'm am so nervous, here we are standing across from Chanel. I am so glad you are with me today…
  3. It was so crowded in here today, so I chatted with the lovely doorman for a while, and waited patiently for my SA. I didn't get any pics here, so sorry everyone, I was taking everything in and forgot.

    Here she comes……….scream (silently of course) :woot:
  4. Ahhhh, its nice to sit and relax while my items are being wrapped up. So I got a few pics to show you all how tiny Chanel is here in Perth.
    IMG_0112.jpg IMG_0113.jpg
  5. Finally back to the safety of the car. The girls are safe and sound in my Burberry tote after a 50 minute train ride. Another 20 mins and we will all be home… just bursting to get out of their bags.:woohoo:
  6. Ooohhlala, we are finally home. Come and see what I purchased today… I think a good day out at the shops deserves a glass of my favourite red...
    IMG_0117.jpg IMG_0121.jpg
  7. Now we are ready to get started…
    IMG_0122.jpg IMG_0127.jpg IMG_0131.jpg IMG_0133.jpg
  8. A gorgeous iridescent goatskin card holder in turquoise… The colour is more similar to the second picture. Love it.
  9. reveal! Open the big box!!!
  10. (sip) ok the show must go on ladies…
    IMG_0125.jpg IMG_0135.jpg IMG_0140.jpg
  11. Oh wallet or WOC? :woohoo:
  12. Yes I know.. :happydance: P s/s 14 purple woc… I can't believe she is mine… this colour is to die for… I saw her a few weeks ago and then life got in the way (as it does), but today she was still there.
    IMG_0142.jpg IMG_0144.jpg
  13. yep WOC. My first ever… I have a wallet and sunglasses already. Now my little collection is growing.
  14. What a fun reveal! It's nice to see Chanel boutiques around the world!

    Congrats on your lovely card holder and gorgeous WOC! Enjoy. :smile:
  15. AMAZING pictures! I've been trying to convince my friends that we need to check out Perth/Broome during our mid-semester break, but they want to go back to Melbourne. Your pictures are beautiful, and it's not just because some of them are Chanel (though that definitely helps:graucho:)

    Love your purchases, both items are things on my wishlist for the distant future when I can afford/somewhat justify them. And such brilliant pops of colour to add to your collection too! Loved this reveal, I kept refreshing the page to see what you had gotten! Hope you enjoy your new pieces :biggrin: