Come to see my new baby

  1. I got myself a black PST. I love the size of the bag:nuts: .
    I did think about the GST but still prefer PST. I also bought the red wallet:yahoo:to match my white and black chanel bags. I only have 4 chanel bags, 2 black and 2 white. Right now I need to save money for the pink lambskin one.:p
    DSC05346.JPG DSC05348.JPG DSC05350.JPG DSC05351.JPG
  2. CONGRATS!! The PST is perfect and the wallet is beautiful!
  3. TWINS:yahoo:
    DSC05356.JPG DSC05358.JPG
  4. Oooooo, I love that bag!!!!! And the red wallet is slammin' too!!!! Congrats!!!!! :p
  5. Love the PST, and the red wallet is TDF!! Congrats.
  6. They are fabulous....enjoy them!!!
  7. love it!!!
  8. wohoooo...congratzzz!!!
  9. oooohh cutiesss.... love 'em viv :love:


    and the twinsie pic is too cute :p
  10. Love everything. Congrats!
  11. my monitor isn't very good, are they both with gold hardware?

  12. from my monitoe it looks like both are in gold, and my screen better be right, i paid a lot for this apple LOL
  13. So pretty! And I love the red wallet!:yes:
  14. Gorgeous, congrats!
  15. beautiful choices viv! congrats!:heart: