Come Share your June 2012 Mid Year Sale Purchases

  1. I'll start off with a pair of heels I got from the Toronto boutique. Regular price was $780CAD. On sale for $390 + tax. (it was 50% off).
    image-1018841883.jpg image-2684759679.jpg
  2. oh my Canada has already started the Chanel sale? Looking forward to see more goodies on sale..
  3. pardon my ignorance but what usually goes on sale and where? is it just in the chanel boutiques? or department stores included? TIA!
  4. Oh wow, beautiful classics :smile:
    Congrats and enjoy !
  5. I really love that pair of shoes! Do you think you can recommend your SA and she will ship it out to Sg for me?
  6. OMG...i love those shoes esp. heel height! Do they have any other sizes left? and Yes, please recommend an SA that will ship to the US. Thanks.
  7. Wow, that's stunning! Congrats:woohoo:
  8. great purchase
  9. Lovely

  10. Wow such pretty shoes and what a deal!
  11. yes, I was a little surprised that Canada's sale was ahead of everywhere else as well..
  12. mostly shoes, RTW and accessories and very little selection of handbags at both Chanel and department stores.
  13. Hi, I'm sorry but I don't have a SA I can recommend at this boutique as I'm not a frequent customer at that store. If you are from the US, I don't know if you will benefit from buying in Canada since we do have a high tax rate in Ontario, higher prices and less selection compared to the States. If I could choose, I would shop in the States as well.
  14. Thanks everyone. I've been looking a pair of black heels for work for a long time. And I can't believe it was 50% off given that the invite they sent said 30% off.
    Looking forward to everyone's posting of their great deal to this thread as well.
  15. LOVE those! Congrats on getting a steal!!