Come Share Your 2014 February Chanel Purchases!!!

  1. Love your WOC!!:hbeat:
  2. Congratulations on your fuchsia patent!:heart:
  3. Beautiful pinks... Congrats dearies on your new purchases.
    Loving the color to bits :tender::tender::tender:
  4. Thanks!! I was lucky to track her down:p

    Thanks tutushopper! Congrats on your recent pink beauty too:smile:
  5. Here's my contribution... My new blue yen wallet!! Very vibrant and saturated purple blue!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393520847.297224.jpg
  6. Congrats on your yen wallet, I love the color on this.

  7. Love the purple blue!!!
  8. Gorgeous gorgeous color! Congrats on this stunning wallet!
  9. This is so pretty! Did you happen to see other colors of the card case when choosing yours?

  10. There was a plumb/metallic in Lambskin with Matt gold HW, black patent with silver HW and a blue patent but I can't remember if it was silver HW or of the CC was painted blue.
  11. Thank you! I'm actually looking for a blue one! I'm not concerned with the HW but I am curious, what type of shade of blue was it?

  12. This blue :smile::


    Sorry, I couldn't find a pic of the actual holder.
  13. That's alright, can fully picture it! Thank you!!
  14. Just scored this pairs (Espadrilles) at Nm in Palo Alto it .
  15. Congrats on your fab comfy new espadrilles!