come see the *AMAZING* Soana Sacoche PM!!!!

  1. this bag done in lush Kangaroo leather is a very large tote by day:


    but prest-o, change-o....


    it turns into a smaller bag at night!

    definitely one of the GREATEST LV bags in history!!!!!

    :wlae: :yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo: :wlae:

    more pics to follow ;)
  2. OMG, how cool is that! Interesting that it's made out of kangaroo though... didn't know they made stuff out of them!
  3. wow.never seen that before..what collection is this from?COOL!
  4. that is one fabulous bag, two for one! the colour is lovely. thanks for posting!
  5. that's interesting. do both pouches zip off or just 1? i've never heard of anything being made out of kangaroo either. i'm still not sure whether i think that's sad or not...
  6. very cool
  7. wow, beautiful! Congrats!
  8. Beautiful, is it really kangaroo?
  9. WOAH! That's AWESOME!!! Are both little pockets removable?!
  10. This is such a beautiful bag...what is the price tag? I love the's to die for!!! How can a big bag transform into a small!!!
  11. It looks really really soft!
  12. Cool!! Love the color!!!!
  13. This is so cool! I recall seeing a picture of an olive coloured one. Is it available? And how big is it? Do you think it's strong enough to hold a laptop?
    Questions, questions :smile:
  14. thanks all... this bag is part of the men's runway collection for Spring 2007. kangaroo leather is actually more stronger than conventional cow leather that's why they selected this particular skin for the foldable bag. i don't think kangaroo leather is non-PC. here in Australia kangaroo meat is served in fine restaurants (they're not bad actually). here are more photos:

    here's the instruction manual:

    here's how it looks mid-way:

    the inner lining is the same material used in the Spring men's swimming trunks, the brass plate is a new feature too:

    i LOVE how the leather resembles Balenciaga goatskin, but heaps more hard-wearing:

  15. :wtf: How cool is that! Congrats Mr D

    Oh Shalomjude...........:graucho: