Combination/ oily skincare?

  1. I have such a hard time finding products for my skin type that aren't too harsh or too moisturising....:sad: What products do you use? Do you stick to one line or a little of this and little of that?
  2. I have combination skin and it clogs so easily, so it's hard to just use something from the drugstore or dept. store counter. I try to stick to a line because they develop all the items together -- cleanser, toner, moisturizer, etc. My best results have been with skincare focused companies like Dermalogica, BioElements, and Murad.
  3. i use neostrata which i find non irritating and effective. also, i use la mer's oil absorbing lotion for the summer.
  4. I definitely mix it up, I have combination in the winter and plain oil oily in the summer. DDF and Peter Thomas Roth products are great!
  5. i mix it up too. i use products from aveda, der med and cetaphil
  6. clinique 3-step skin care system, type 2!!!
  7. I used to switch moisturizers for winter and summer, but discovered that Clinique's dramatically different moisturizing lotion is perfect for my combination skin year round. the dry patches on my cheeks don't get dry anymore, and my chin and forehead aren't oily. It's brilliant stuff. I also use neutrogena visibly even foaming face wash (really a scrub, not sure why the claim it as foaming). It takes off just enough dead skin to keep my face smooth, but doesn't irritate the sensitive spots. :biggrin:
  8. Before I get into my long post.. I just want to say, from experience, I've wasted so much money on all these skin care products out there, and all it took was a good aestetician and one facial to change my skin forever.
    Oh boy I've been using this and that mix and match I'd try everything ppl or magazine say it's the next thing....I tried sisheido, Chanel, lancome, CD, La Prairie, MD perricone, Murad, Sisley (This one I really like out of them all but pricey)

    I also buy everything they recommend each time I get a facial on vacation... Elemis, Phytomer, La Therapie..glycolic acid stuff...

    I seriously believed I had dry skin, then I all of a sudden started breaking out with acne.. weird... I was actually over drying my face by cleaning it too often with foam cleanser... I was wrong about my own skin.

    I currently use GM Collins gel cleanser and toner for acne skin recommended by my aesthetician... combined with La Roche Posay moisturizer and their spf50 sun screen and I really like it so far.. all my acne disappeared in 2 days!!!
    My face is so smooth and soft and well moisturized!!

    By husband has had the worst acne problem ever (genetics) and he has the oiliest skin... then as soon as he switched to a combination of glycolic acid products from La Therapie and Sisley... his skin turned so smooth!!! He uses Sisley's bar soap, the toner and moisturizer for oily/combination skin normally... and when he needs extra buffing he uses the La therapie stuff.

    I heard with oily/acne skin oil control is key.
  9. I have combination skin and have tried so many different skin care products/lines. What worked for me the best is Dermalogica. Before I used everything Shiseido, but I like Dermalogica so much better. My face is definitely less oily looking. I can actually go through the entire day without having to blot my face. I'm slowly transitioning into all Dermalogica products. I'm using my Shiseido face wash until it's gone, Dermalogica Multi Active Toner, Active Moist moisturizer, and the Skin Prep Scrub.
  10. I really don't think it matters if you use different lines of skincare. You should use whatever suits your skin's needs. The only thing that I would recommend is that your skincare routine is kept simple! Many people think they have problematic skin and use all sorts of toners, masks, lotions, facewashes, with all sorts of harsh ingredients...and they don't realize they are making their skin worse! You should definately read the ingredients labels!
  11. Clinique three step! Type 4 for me.

    I use the oily/combo gel cleanser with the type 4 toner, then the dramatically different gel.
  12. thanks everyone. esp. joanna i find what you type very helpful to my situation. even though i don't always try it. hehe
  13. I have always had very oily skin. I am currently using CO Bigelow Gentle Oil Absorbing Clay Cleanser, and during the day the Extra-Light Face Lotion. At night I use the Incredible Herbal Eye Cream Firming Formula and Incredibly Restorative Face Cream Restorative Formula. Haven't had any problems with any of them, they all feel nice on the skin. The light face lotion is particularly nice, and the cleanser gives your skin a little tingly feeling. :yes:
  14. I have the same issue as you, I have been using garnier cleanser and day/night moisturizer. The day one is oil control and works great.

    I have tried clinique/lancome and still had issues with oil or overly dryness. So far so good with this product.
  15. Where do you find these products?