Coloured Hosiery In or Out ?

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  1. Is Coloured Hosiery In or out ? (Red, Blue, Brown, Green etc....)

    How about Fish nets or white lace ?

    I wear Black or Brown opaque stockings in the Winter.

    Whats in for you ?
  2. Colors are OUT!
    Nude hose is the only thing I would wear
  3. I saw a girl wear red and someone told me colored ones were tacky. So, it's always stuck. I think fishnets and whitelaces are ok, but more for going out. Not too work friendly. Not professional. I think solid whites, bieges, nudes, and blacks are good.
  4. i'd have to say out
  5. In briefly for summer for whole the graphic minimalism thing, strictly out for winter when it's thick blacker than black tights and leggings only. This is my reading of Vogue UK and the A/W shows online at

  6. The only time I've seen girls wearing colored hosiery is usually at theme parties. I'd say if you were going out somewhere fun like a club or it was for a theme party colored hose would definitely work. But besides that I wouldn't know what other context they'd be appropriate for.
  7. I'm not a big fan of any nylons ever. Opaque tights can be cute with preppy skirts....but generally I like bare legs:smile: (tough in the winter...but I usually wear a long coat!)
  8. i've always worn them, whether they were in or out. i think personal style trumps seasonal style.
  9. I never wear them, and i'd definately say they are out.
    Are people in Europe still wearing them? last time i was in Rotterdam I saw girls wearing those horrible one that cut off at the ankle to show skin. But I also saw this girl wearng orange stockings with gold heels and a short actually looked good I thought.
  10. I always wondered the same thing! Glad you started this thread Pradasmeadow! I usually wear nude hose, but have in the past worn super sheer black for black tie occasions. Would probably wear nude, if anything, now.
  11. i do think that colors are out.
    I wear nude and black hosery in the winter.
  12. I almost never wear nylons b/c I just don't think they are comfortable, so I'm not much help as to what kind might be in style or not, but my general vote is against covering the legs -- show em off;)
  13. i dont wear any, but i'd say out.. EVEN THOUGH i saw plastered all over macy's teen and junior girls sections were an 80's look... colored hoisery with jean cutoff skirts and off-the-shoulder sweater-dresses... omgoodness.. *scared*
  14. I think it really depends what kind of style you have. Colored hosiery would work if you have funky skater style (Ashley Simpson, anyone?), but as most of you ladies are into higher fashion, I would definitely say color is a no.

    Just my opinion, but I think you perch on a precarious line when you wear fishnet. Reveal a little to much and it screams prostitute. It looks fab if it doesn't scream that, though. But definately not to work.