Colour transfer with light BVs - has anybody had a problem?

  1. Before I commit to the Roma, just wanted to check something I read about in one of the threads and in fact heard from an SA too. I wear dark suits, has any of you had colour transfer problems with your light shade BV bags. All the ones I have are dark colours. Thanks.
  2. Great question...would love to hear as well
  3. I think that any light leather is susceptable to color transfer, the question is if it will come off. I had it happen with a non-BV pink purse that I had and nothing would take it off. Blue jeans are the worst culprit.
    Another question would be if the rain/stain protectors that you spray on can help to prevent this?
  4. Ok, kinda attempted to answer my own q! I asked the BV store about this problem and the SA said that if the bag is plain white and there is colour transference, they send it to Italy and it is dry cleaned beautifully. If it is off-white or pink etc, there is not much they can do. He claimed (and his colleague supported this too) that jeans, esp dark indigo and black are the main culprits as Bagpuss said and suede is another problem material. Whilst I was there, I also talked this lady who was browsing into buying a large dark chocolate veneta. They should put me on commission! Mind you, if I am to get a meaningful employee discount, it is totally worth leaving the finance world for!
  5. you can try saddle soap without any great effort, no need to rub or scrub hard. I read the solution from a Chanel thread and I tried it on my white chloe shoes, it really removes the transferred colour from my jeans.
  6. Where do you buy saddle soap from Londoner? By the way, I am a Londoner too!
  7. Can't really help much as I have not used my Veneta Limo often enough. I am also kinda worry about transfers :sad: . Btw, I am in the finance industry too, but I am in Singapore.
  8. I bought my saddle from eBay as I don't know where I can buy them in London too.