Colour me Hermes

  1. OK, get ready to wet yourselves laughing...

    DH & I are at the stage of our house reno's where we are painting the bedrooms. I took an Orange Box into the paint guy and had him colour-match it for my dressing room! Then we wanted a grey/brown colour for the I pulled out my etoupe Bearn and he colour-matched that!!!!!!!!

    Reckon I should do the Girl's Room in Rose Shocking? LOL!
  2. What a wonderful story! DO post pictures when when you can, please!
  3. :roflmfao:
  4. I will. I'm still umming and ahhing about the orange though. Dh just opened up the tin and said "are you completely sure?"....LOL!
  5. awesome paint swatches, K! i bet your painter was amused!
  6. Lol, K!
  7. OK K i am soo coming to your house after reno's are finished lol I can bask in the glory of your H orange closet filled with H items lol.
  8. ^Vert anis for the girls room I think. Rose shocking might get them all hyper.

    I LOVE colour for rooms. I repainted my walls recently. I'm in love with the dark greys. My builder freaked at my choices but even he, boring conservative fart that he is, had to admit after the fact that it looked more interesting than white or cream.
  9. :drool: me wanna Hermes orange dressing room like GF!
  10. lol I love it GF!

    Maybe Rose Dragee for the girls' room with Rose Shocking accents!

    I wonder if your painter could match your H china pattern for the dining room :p
  11. What a great idea!:nuts:
  12. I could get totally into this... hey GF you could have your new BFF Annie Faivre do an RO mural in the bathroom :lol:
  13. This is brilliant!!!!
    GF, no bowing/worshiping icon, but if there were, it would be here ________

    But....where to put the rouge H????
  14. ^^^

    I totally agree... you are brilliant.

    Rouge H? In the library of course...
  15. What a great situation to be in!
    Love the idea!