Colour combination

  1. If you are to SO a bi colour bag, what colours would you choose?

    Let me start: Outside Raisin, inside Vert Anis.
  2. Thalassa blue box exterior with rose shocking interior
  3. exterior including piping: chocolate
    interior: lilac (palest purple)

    I can dream up more...
  4. I love exterior Raisin, interior rouge vif.
  5. I think exterior raisin ; interior rose shocking or ebene exterior and rose shocking interior:heart:
  6. How about Noisette exterior with pale blue (not Blue jean though) interior and piping? (IS there a pale blue Hermes color?)
  7. etoupe exterior; vermillion interior

  8. white exterior; turquoise interior

  9. Exterior: Etoupe
    Interior: Aqua

  10. Blue jean 35cm epsom birkin with vert anis interior...or white courchevel birkin with blue roi interior...or fuschia birkin with blue jean interior...come on! I can't choose just one!;)
  11. Not that I know of. I wish they would make one though. I find bj too dark.
  12. Natural Barenia Exterior w/ Vermillion or Rouge Vif
    White Exterior w/ Blue Jean or Turquoise
    Black Exterior w/ Rouge H
  13. I'd want Gigi's HAC combination :love: : Bleu Jean Exterior with Indigo interior, handles, and locking straps--(piping is still Blue Jean)
  14. i LOVE rockers in brighton with the rose shocking interior.

    i also saw a chocolate with rose piping recently that was tdf.
  15. Oh yeah, how did I forget about this one ! It's a beautiful combination !