Colorful Mini Skinnies

  1. I recently lost out on an eBay auction for a green mini skinny (gah! though it was for a good reason...studying for a midterm *sighs*).

    Help me feel better, and show me what colorful mini skinnies exist out there! (I didn't know a green one existed...unless this was a fake? Wow that never occurred to me..)

    Also, I'm assuming the MS in the different colors came out during spring/summer collections? Does that mean there'll be some in stores later this year?? ::hopeful::

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I saw a pink minisig one last night at the outlet in San Marcos, TX. I ended up getting the black one though because for some reason it was $10 cheaper.
  3. Did it look like this Signature I have, or was it leather? I got mine last Easter.
  4. I gots an orange one...from summer 05 I believe...

  5. i think there's a mini skinny in just about every color out there...
  6. My mom has a pink one.
  7. ooh i LOVE the orange one!

    coachnut, it wasn't that one in particular (minisig), but yours is cute too
  8. I saw a light blue patent one yesterday. It made me think about summer.
  9. Style # 40089 comes in a pear with white leather trim! I haven't seen the color though.
  10. Here's the new signature stripe mini skinny with patent trim in punch that I picked up today. It's very nice. The inside lining is pink also.

  11. I am so in love with the punch stuff. I have one small beauty case, and now I have to get the miniskinny I think. Darnit. *L*
  12. That's the style of the one that was up on eBay. Is pear different from green? (Or is it just the name for it?) Oooh I need one..
  13. everytime i see that online, i re-fall in love with it. i just don't get that same feeling when i see it in stores though. *sighs*