color transfer on vernis pieces. How does it look, does anuybody have pictures.

  1. I've seen an vernis wallet in framboise wich i really like. Unfortunately i'm so scaredthat it will be ruined since is use my wallet alot and i'm not very carefull with it. There has been talked alot about the color transfer but i really don;t now what it looks like. If there's been pictures posted before i'm sorry but i couldn't found them. I live in a rainy country with very little sunlight. Please let me know how you feel about the vernis wallet is you have one! Thanks
  2. Framboise is one color I wouldn't worry much about. It's darker and will hold up better than a yellow, blue, peppermint or marshmallow would. Just don't let it sit directly on printed materials like newspaper and you'll be fine. Also, don't let the printed materials come in contact with the wallet if they're wet.
    I've had my fuchsia PTI wallet for about 2 years now, switched from bag to bag many times and have never had a problem with it at all.
  3. ^ I agree. Framboise is about as dark as vernis can get (except for a couple). There is nothing to worry about. The easily damaged colors for vernis are the new perle and the older marshmellow
  4. It's fuschia but I think you get an idea. The pics are belong to Kimmy

  5. Here is my vernis, a year ago it got color transfer by a magazine :crybaby: it's on the back of the purse, but I am still sad about it. After that i did not purchase any more vernis. I suggest epi and mono, they are way more easy to handle.

  6. my mashmellow wallet turned the edges...:sad: and the stitching, cause its turned like dark gray. but i'm guessing cause its mashmallow....i REALLY LIKE the framboise too i am havin teh same problem as you, deciding if i should get a Reade Pm or Ludlow, but i worried about it getting dirty and ugly like my wallet.