Color transfer from interior of vintage coach bag?

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  1. Hi Coachies!

    If you have an item that is prone to colour transfer (light coloured patent leather wallet), would you avoid putting it in a vintage black coach city bag? It's unlined, so I'm worried that it won't be colourfast.

    Does anyone have experience on this?

  2. I've never personally had a problem with it but I remember someone did, so I would be extra careful. What year is your bag from? The bags from the 90s are more colorfast than the earlier ones. Also, if you have ever bathed it would reduce the chances of color transfer as well. You might want to consider a bag liner.

  3. I had this happen to me - a beige special leather - can't remember the name but I think I posted pictures. The wallet got dye transfer especially on the corners and the zipper placket from the inside of a rehabbed and bathed Stewardess. I would suggest using only a dark color wallet in this type of bag.