Color Question - Venetia

  1. I MIGHT have a chance to get an MC Venetia in Cherry Blossom. Two things...

    1) There really was such a color, correct?

    2) What color is it exactly?

    I won't be able to see the bag IRL before I buy. I thought Cherry Blossom was pink/rose type of color. But I know someone who refers to it as purple. I do not want purple/lavender.

    I think it's just a question of how different people describe different colors, but wanted to know what color an MJ Venetia in Cherry Blossom really is.

    Most of my bags are black with the exception of a couple of brown ones. I need to add a color. I almost bought an MJ Venetia in a really pretty green at Nordstrom Rack for only $299 and I've been kicking myself.

    Thanks so much!
  2. Cherry Blossom would probably be best described as a very hot pink - very bright and very pretty as long as you like bright bags. I wouldn't describe it as purple - the MJ colors that fall into the pinky/purple/mauve catagory are Berry, Violet, Maroon. Cherry Blossom was very similar to Geranium if you have a chance to see a pic of that color - I wouldn't describe it as rose, but I would describe it as pink.
  3. Oooooh...thank you! That is very helpful! As long as it is definitely in the pink category as opposed to a purple category....I'll be happy! I do not want a purple-type color for this bag.

    I'll see if I can find a pic of Geranium.

    Thank you so much! :biggrin:
  4. p10724651_ph_althero_Cherry_Blossom.jpg

    Here, don't know if this helps. This from elux, way back when they had venetias.:Push: Its the cherry blossom colour. I think it's an even brighter pink than this picture would suggest. Its really lovely.
  5. LEAH- I have 2 pink MJ Venetias in the market place..barely used....take a is the pink leather and one light pink fabric with green stitching...if not..I can help answer authenticity questions for you..just PM me..I have alot of MJ bags at home and can hopefully help answer your questions!GOOD LUCK!
  6. Oh...Jill! How did I miss those?

    Running off to the Marketplace.....
  7. Good job digging up that pic english_girl - that should really help her! And you are definitely correct that the color IRL is even a little brighter than that picture looks as well. I loved both the Cherry Blossom and Geranium as far as pinks go - they're such happy colors.
  8. My leather one is geranium..will try to post a has a light pink fabric lining..if that helps you authenticating!
  9. [​IMG] These are my 2 venetias(in my bag showcase pics)..leather is you know the color.
  10. If you want to get even more specific, the Geranium's lining is actually a very pale sort of greyed lavender pink (a hard color to describe) and the stitching on the bag is also the same pale lavender pink - you don't really notice it, but it's good to know for authentication purposes. (Yes, I am a detail geek.):amuse:
  11. I would describe the geranium as more of a coral pink (with a slight orangish tone to it), while the cherry blossom is a true pink. Both are great colors--very bright and cheerful!
  12. PINK!!!!!!!!!!! yah! search forum is back!
  13. do get it! i love cherry blossom. its so cute and bright.
  14. i love cherry clossom too,......thinking about getting a venetia in that color too
  15. hmm...and how do you know this? j/k.

    Leah411, check out june's thread with pics of her new cherry blossom MP if you haven't already! i think you'll be thrilled to see this color.