Color Question for SS07

  1. I was looking on atelier.naff at the new SS07 colors, and I really like the truffe and argile. I think the argile is lighter than the caramel 05, right? But what I was most confused about-- in the swatches, it looks like truffe is a very dark brown.. but then towards the bottom, where the purses are displayed, the second pic has three bags (claimed to be bleu glacier, café, and truffe) but the cafe does NOT look dark enough at all and the truffe looks light as well.

    Is this just because of the lighting? Because the swatches look SO much darker! If the purse pics are the "real" colors, I really like truffe! But please let me know what you all think. :smile:

    Here's the exact page I was on: atelier.naff: Seafoam! (ish) ...SS07 color swatches
  2. Hi Megan! I have the 06 truffle and it is a darker brown then the color showing on the bag in the picture. Maybe this season 07 of the truffle color is a little lighter. I hope so! I love that color!!
  3. Thanks so much for the comment Colleen. That could be the case, that the truffe from SS07 will be lighter, but I am still confused because the color swatch shows that it will be dark, but then the actual pic of the bag shows a much lighter color than the truffe swatch. Maybe the bag was mislabeled? But I can't find any other colors which it would be...
  4. I think by seeing the color swatches it is so hard to tell what the color of the bags are going to look like IRL! Too small to try and figure it out! Just my opinion. I'm so loving the argyle!!! YUM!
  5. I asked and I was told that FW 06 truffe is exactly the same as SS 07 truffe. I don't know why they repeated this color back to back. So look at some of the pics on here of those who have truffe/truffle bags and that should be what we see mid December again.
  6. Here is the argyle which I believe they are calling toffee.
  7. powder~ so is argyle going to be called toffee too?
  8. So if we look at these argyle(toffee) colors in both these pictures do you think they look really different?


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