Color on Balenciaga City Bag - rubs off?

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  1. HI! Hoping I can get some guidance on my very first Balenciaga bag I purchased.

    I just bought the Metallic Edge City Bag in Beige Praline and it is beautiful! I have been looking for a great every day bag that I can be a little rough with. My concern is that my sister has the old City bag in blue and the color has rubbed off substantially on hers. I'm not sure if it was due to the dark color or maybe the leather used at the time but now I'm questioning if I should return it.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Is this normal?
  2. I think your bag will be fine. If your sister's bag is the older chevre leather, they did have a tendency to fade and color could rub off. Since then, I believe that Balenciaga is using a different process to dye the bags. Your bag is also a thicker pebbled goatskin which most have found to be durable I don't have an ME bag but have a bag in this leather from 2013, and it is holding up very well.
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  3. I started buying Bbags from 2011 and on. The color only rubs off if you clean it and really rub it. It hasn't happened to my bags but I tested the leather swatch and I found that this can happen. Even with bags bought in 2015. But it used to be much worse with older bags. Even when I bought the bags back then, they told me that because herbal colors are used on them they tend to fade a bit. But I haven't seen any substantial change on my bags to tell the truth.
  4. Thank you!
  5. You are so welcome :smile:
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