Color of this Coach Hobo please???

  1. Hi List,
    I have this large Coach hobo, style #9542....the seller called it British Tan and was wondering if that is the correct color name for this bag?? I have attached a picture here of the bag and I am really enjoying this forum.
    Thank You, Angela
    PS.. I also have a new Whiskey 'Mandy' that I am Loving!!!
  2. I think that color is called "doe." :yes: Or, it could be called "camel" but I think it's "doe."

    Doe, a dear, a female dear,
    Ray, a drop of golden sooooonnn...
    Me, a name, I call myself,
    Fa, a long long way to ruuuuuunnn.......

  3. Baahahahhaa.... cracked me up...:roflmfao:

    PS to the OP: Pretty bag. :smile:
  4. looks like either doe or saddle brown to me
  5. yea i'm thinking it could be saddle?
    "So a needle pulling thread..
    La a note to follow so....
    Ti a drink with jam and bread
    which will bring us back to do
    a deer, a female deer"..........
  6. :biggrin:
  7. ENCORE....ENCORE.....