color of pst?


What's the best PST color?

  1. pink

  2. black

  3. white

  4. beige

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. This purchase won't be for a while yet, but I am interested in my first Chanel, a PST. I just wanted your opinions of what colors you prefer, and what have the most year round wearability. I would prefer silver hardware. Thanks for the help!
  2. tough choices!! i voted on black because it works everywhere, everyday but depending on where you live, white and beige could also work.
  3. I'd say black too :yes:
  4. black!
  5. I voted beige because I did have this bag in beige with gold hardware. I thought it was such a beautiful color combination. You almost can't stop looking at it.
  6. i vote for the white or the pink, cos they're both so pretty!! i'm starting to like the pst now (uh oh!!!)... it'll prob be my next conquest later this yr :smile:
  7. I absolutely LOVEEEEEE the pink one. It is too cute.
  8. black w/ silver hardware is what i want too! so i'm biased!

    good luck and do post pics once the baby is in your arms!!
  9. too..I voted for beige..I have it!! ..and of course love it! It goes w/ everything...Good luck!!
  10. this is my next bag! most likely i'll get the black because i want a nice black bag (for some reason i never buy black!) but i loooove pink!
  11. ohh black beige or pink... this is so tough because i think black will be most user friendly, but beige seems more unique, but my favorite color of all time is pink.... good thing i still have a while to make a choice!
  12. I voted black as well!
  13. I am pretty sure the black PST only comes with gold hardware, no silver.
  14. black b/c it goes with everything and can go casual or dressy.