Color Coordination with Navy

  1. First post in this area!
    If I may, I wanted to ask what your thoughts are on coordinating dark navy with other colors. I just got a gorgeous, simple, dark navy cocktail style dress- I know I will never pair it with black shoes/purses/etc., but I really want to try to pair it with dark brown accessories. Is this possible or does it diminish the impact and make the look too casual? Are dark navy shoes and a dark navy purse my only possible choices to keep it classy looking?
  2. I'd say red is your obvious option. Colours i think would also look great- Magenta, certain golds/yellows, and perhaps a jewel toned green! Hope this helps!

    Here's a navy dress with some shoes in these colours just to give you a visual :smile:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. I think navy looks fantastic with gold (I like those heels sammydoll posted up!) and also matches well with dark gray.
  4. I didn't consider red or pink, but it could work, you ladies are much more fashion forward than I have ever ventured in years! I really never have gotten with the metallic trend, but those gold shoes would look good- I would personally hesitate from gold metallic bags if I went with those shoes, though, seems like it would be too much...maybe a small clutch.
    Thanks for the ideas and insipration! I need to venture out of my little bland box I've been in too long.
  5. I agree with sammydoll, I think red and a jewel toned green especially would look great with navy.
    Personally, I have a wonderful navy dress, that I have been wearing with metallic pink, and I have to tell you, I got loads of compliments for that combo. Partly because its a bit unexpected, I guess.

    And gold is a good choice too, I have several vintage navy/gold accessories by Versace that look wonderful. So you could say I've tried that combination too, and it does work!
  6. Sparklyseahorse- I like navy with brown, too. I think as long as the accessories are dressy enough it won't look too casual.

    But like the others said, navy looks good with lots of other colors. It's very neutral! :yes:
  7. Looks great with Metallics
  8. Navy looks well with metalics, rich greens, rey, and can work with brown or black, although you have to be very careful and really know what you're doing to make it look right. But, i think navy really is at it's best with burgundy or mauve. The two colours play off each other amazingly well.
  9. I'm a big fan of navy and silver. I wore a navy dress with silver shoes and a vintage silver beaded bag to black tie event earlier this year with red lipstick, and looked smashing (/modesty).

    The designers did show a lot of navy and black, but I still feel sort of uncomfortable with it.
  10. Navy & burgundy looks great too.
  11. Brown makes navy look really casual, atleast haven't been able to get the combination working. Navy and other colours have been on my mind lately, navy is very In right now, so I've been trying to figure out what colours work with it best. Ofcourse black does (no longer taboo, but hot) and that darker yellow tone, metallics and a certain shade of purple. But that's about it
    [​IMG] goes great with that statue though :smile:
  12. I'm liking the silver idea- that does seem like a nice combination. I don't think I could ever get into the navy and black combo either, no matter how many designers use it! :nogood:
  13. i really hope you don't rule out black with navy because i think its actually a fabulous combination. I've been obsessed with the combo recently.