Color Confusion

  1. i've already e-mailed Jamie but figured i'd ask the experts here too while i wait for a reply:

    there seems to be a difference in color for two bags described as being Gold. my question is- are they both Gold or is one of them not Gold but in fact another color?
    i think Star's new Birkin is a lovely color, but this Gold that Jamie is selling is really gorgeous because I prefer warmer shades. Are they both the same color in different light or what?
    your expertise is kindly requested! :smile:

    Jamie's Gold:
    eBay: Gold & Palladium 35cm HERMES BIRKIN BAG (item 160044005515 end time Nov-02-06 14:09:21 PST)

    Star's Gold:

    fyi Jamie's is Clemence and Star's is Togo
  2. I just tried on a Trim in gold yesterday and the gold was more like Star's if that is of any help
  3. They both look like gold to me ( I have the leather too), it can look fairly different in sunlight, indorlight,...etc. the way the picture was taken can have an effect.
  4. Croissant, I think Jamie's bag is really Gold; it's just that it was photographed outdoors in the sunlight so it naturally takes on a warmer hue. Noisette is darker than Gold. Not to add to the confusion, but there is also Cognac too that you may want to consider if you like something even warmer. I think Gigi & Gina have pictures up of their Cognac Chevre in the members' items section.
  5. i don't know, Orchids, Jamie's seems darker to me and it looks identical in color to Montecarloclub's Noisette. I just don't see any of that yellow undertone in it at all to compare it to the Gold, but that might just be my screen or my eyes, who knows. I'll be happy with either answer. I'm just falling for Noisette now lol. and Cognac sounds delicious!! i'll go check out their items now! thank you
  6. Croissant, gold in clemence is deep and can resemble noisette. Please remember the colors will vary between leathers, and can even vary between batches of the same leather.
  7. i figured, which is why i thought naming their leathers might be helpful. see, im learning! :smile: thank you. so far the consensus seems to be that both are Gold.
  8. Just my 2 cents...I think both are gold, and that the differences relate to the photos and the lighting. "Gold" in real life to me looks more like Star's photos and not as cognacky as the other photos...
  9. ^ I LOOVE gold Clemence! I want this in a Bolide!
    Before I'd ever seen gold in person, I'd only seen it on ebay and it tends to look very caramel in pics. Much more of a British Tan in real life. And, yes, the clemence is even deeper.
  10. This might also help make some sense of it?? Clemence, is a softer (younger) leather and absorbs the dye "more" than Togo. Flossy's picture comparison shown in the link posted by hermesgroupie above says/shows it best. It's almost amazing at the differences in the color Hermes calls gold in this picture alone.

    Fun, yes??:yes: So many choices, tho, it makes my poor old brain confused sometimes.
  11. Hi C,

    They are both Hermes gold. Gold on togo is paler than gold on clemence which takes a darker, more caramelly colour - here's a pic to help