Color Confusion - where is the color designation...

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  1. on the bag or in the "paperwork" that comes with the bag, i.e., the controllo tags, etc??? I just bought a new blue work from NM and I think it is a BG but all this talk about SAs and NM and color mixups has got me wondering. It's kinda moot at this point b/c I love the bag and I carry it every day - I am not returning it...but for some reason I still want the color verified. Where do I have to look for my color confirmation??? :P:P

    Also, I will post pictures soon. I bought this one from Lisa Hamlin. Thanks Jag for the great SA.
  2. Well, the production card with the year and either "1" (for Spring/Summer) or "3" (for Fall/Winter) will narrow it down a lot.

    Otherwise, some styles have a season code on the interior metal tag...a single "Y", "Z", "V" or whatnot.
  3. This bag has a V on the silver interior tag so I know it is the spring season but how do I find out if it is Bleu Glacier or Cobalt???
  4. Can you not tell just from looking at it? Maybe you could search for pics for both the colors and compare. Blue Glacier will be duller and probably more veiny. Cobalt/Aquamarine is bright and vibrant.
  5. I am 95% sure that it is BG from color comparision and because I know Lisa Hamlin is great and knowledgable SA. Just wanted to be sure after seeing the post about a BG wallet being sent instead of an Aquamarine/Cobalt.
  6. Quick threadjack ... RealDealCollection ... did you actually get those crazy boots (in your avatar)?? ;) I coveted those at one point, but then got a reality check that I would never be able to walk in them!!! :roflmfao:
  7. ^ Fiatflux, yes I did! Thank you~! I've worn them a few times, but I still need to practice some...that Olsen girl makes it look so easy...but I'm use to flats not 4 inchers.
  8. No kidding!! Wow...I'm impressed. So, did you get any comments? What does your DH (PLH... or maybe PSH) think? Inquiring minds...

    PLH - purse loving husband
    PSH - purse supporting husband
    (take your pick) ;)
  9. TheDH is a PLH for the most part...but he does get tired of me talking about Balenciaga most of the day. He likes to let me know that he can no longer take anymore by saying, "Whah, waah, waha...Balenciaga." like the adults in Charlie Brown.

    He thinks the Bal boots are CRAZY, but I was clever and bought two pairs on sale so the ones I sold paid for these...then he wasn't as mad about them since they were basically free.
  10. I knew he wasn't a PHH since he's actually posted here Mine appreciates the bags, but doesn't appreciate the depreciation of our bank account. ;) Well, good thing you were able to get those as a freebie deal. </end threadjack> (sorry kathleen :shame:smile:.