Color and H Leather

  1. I didn't know how to make a short title for this thread, so my question is this...

    which leather darkens color? for example, i'm interested in POTIRON. i was told by an SA that the potiron in CHEVRE makes the color pop more.

    what happens with potiron and clemence/togo? does the color darken perhaps? i'm thinking of getting this color but i don't want it to be a bright orange.

    does potiron really go with everything? i'm staying with my folks for the week, and unfortunately their monitor has gone color blind, so i can't get an accurate pic of it on the color thread.

    that's a lot of questions.
  2. Clemence :love: Seems to me my BJ Evelyne in Clemence is a darker, richer BJ than say togo or epsom. Potiron in Clemence is gorgeous! It is really a good neutral.
  3. I've been wondering this too...I love Potiron in smaller pieces and wonder if it would be too orangey in a bag.
  4. Potiron in Chevre is SLIGHTLY deeper than in Togo but it's very slight. Saw a Potiron Kelly 32 in Chevre today at my Hermes and it was TDF. I have Potiron Togo, which I also love.

    TRUST ME on this color! It's fabulous!
  5. lady, if you think you're gonna suck me into going wild for potiron now just like you did with the bolide, well, i've got news for you... i already think it's a fantastic color. but leather isn't the only thing to consider - there is also bag style and hardware.
    potiron is insanely neutral, imo, and i love it in swift, and togo/clemence. on a smushy bolide, it's juicy heaven! gold hardware makes it look very rich, and ph makes it look modern and younger. and that's all i'm going to say about it!
  6. ^ heels, LOLOLOL!!!

    Since you already have a raisin bag, I recommend a Potiron clemence Bolide for you! I consider raisin a "cool" tone and potiron a very "warm' tone and it's nice to have both in a bag wardrobe...
  7. I have a potiron Bolide in togo and it is like a pumpkin color. It is not bright orange at all. It really goes with just about anything.
  8. I had considered a potiron clemence Evelyne and the SA emailed a picture to me. The color ended up IRL being a lot more mellow than in the picture. I think "pumpkin" really describes the color well.
  9. I have to say that potiron is gorgeous in chevre:love: Thats mine in my avitar.