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  1. Hi girls,

    I'm a first year in college right now, and so I wanted a bag to help me carry my stuff! I don't carry my books with me or anything, but I do have a 15 inch Macbook, a notebook, a planner, pencil pouch, and the square-shaped power cord for my laptop. I really don't want to use a backpack, and so I'm looking more for a bag. I don't have to get a bag that comes with a special laptop compartment, cause I can just put my laptop in it anyway, but I'd really like a nice, big, beautiful bag. I'm looking at Kate Spade's large baby bags, and so that is more of the kind of "style" that I want. I'm hoping that there might be more options or suggestions out there from you beautiful girls, so I'm waiting before purchasing the bag. I prefer something classic, beautiful, but also very useful, so I'd deeply appreciate any input! Thanks!
  2. if you're looking for something not really expensive, you might want to give a look. they have some bags that are made for holding diff sized laptops and well as being real practical for carrying business stuff. the bags are really nice for the price. i went and checked out their bags last week. hope it helps
  3. BabyBugBoutique lim green paisley messenger.jpg flickaalice messenger choose your style.jpg
  4. If you don't need the bag in a great hurry, perhaps you could contact one of the nice sellers on etsy to make a bag for you? :smile:

    SanFranciscoCrafts's Etsy Shop - DESIGN YOUR OWN - Large Messenger Bag
    Angela Liu makes great bags.

    lalaland's Etsy Shop - BIRD BAG RED

    Sold bag - If you are interested, please contact Lisa (nice lady) on the etsy site re fabric, length of strap, bag dimensions. Love her choice of fabric.

    zakiyaa's Etsy Shop - Yellow Taggat Tuesday Messenger Bag - Solo Collection
    Zakiyaa - another good bagmaker.

    BabyBugboutiques also has many lovely totes - this is the biggest:

    BabyBugBoutique's Etsy Shop - Asian Inspired Boxy Tote Book Diaper Bag XL Size

    SanFranciscoCrafts design your own large messenger bag.jpg lalaland bird bag red.jpg zakiyaa yellow taggat Tuesday messenger bag.jpg BabyBugBoutique Asian Inspired boxy tote book diaper bag xl size.jpg tacdesigns Shiori Messenger Bag Tote with adjustable strap.jpg
  5. i'm a 4th year, so i carry around a LOT with me...and i have a leather business tote from wilson's leather that i love. i've tried messenger bags, but they end up hurting my back. and, besides, they just aren't attractive on me if i put them across my chest, you know?
    maybe try a business tote or a baby bag (like you said). i'll look around and see if anything specific pops out at me.
  6. wow thanks so much! those pictures are gorgeous, and i think wilson's leather might also be another place to look into it.

    thank you all so much!
  7. I have a padded notebook sleeve that I use to turn any (big) purse into a PC bag.

    I have even used it with a completely unstructured hobo bag.
  8. I'm in my 2nd year of college so I had the same problem this semester. Last semester I carried a tote that was slouchy I guss you can call it and it was so annoying because whenever I put it down all my books would fall out. I just got the Kate Spade Aubrey Baby Tote and so far it's perfect :smile:

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  9. i really love my herve chapelier nylon totes for school - they're very easy to carry, zip all the way across the top, are waterproof, and come in a million colors. you can get them at Nordies, bloomies, or i also like longchamp totes, they're very similar.