Collection question, please--I am thinking of

  1. getting one more bag this "year". I have a black coco cabas, diamond shine flap in red and navy patent jumbo flap. I am heavy on the patents, I know, but I love them :yes:

    Should I keep the cabas as my black bag for another couple of seasons, or should I get a reissue in black OR wait for fall for a brown bag I love?? I still love the cabas, but it was my first chanel and I didn't realize how much I would love the flap. Still kicking myself for not getting a classic flap in black caviar:graucho:
  2. Then why don't you make that your next Chanel bag? Every girl needs a black caviar classic flap!!! LOL...;)
  3. ^^^
    Agree! Or one in lambskin, if lambskin is not part of your collection already.
  4. I hear they are launching the medium quilted ultimate soft in brown this summer! if you still want a brown bag.