Cole Haan "Nike Air" shoes

  1. Well, I have to confess I'm really not a shoe gal because my feet are always killing me. DH and I were in Cole Haan the other night and I came across their "Nike Air" shoes. I tried a pair on and there really seemed to be a difference, so I bought a pair. I hope they stay as comfortable wearing them for a few hours. Does anyone have Cole Haan shoes that have the Nike Air technology? Here's the pair I bought.
  2. I do. Mine are flats and very comfortable. I've owned them about a year now. The Nike Air seems to give the shoe more of bounce so your feet feel more cushioned.
  3. I wish I had a pair...I reading amazing things about them in magazines all the time..enjoy your new shoes, they are gorgeous!
  4. I would like to know also..if they really are more please keep us posted!!
  5. Thanks for the feedback, Lelgin! I'm glad to hear they are comfortable.
    Clinkenwar, after I wear them a few times I'll get back to you.
  6. i went into the cole haan store on 5th ave the other day intending on buying a pair of nike air pumps, also because i've heard amazing things about them on here. tried on a pair of carma air pumps and something else that was cute.....uh extremely uncomfortable!!! i was so surprised. i took them off immediately and left the store very disgruntled. maybe i'll consider something else in the future, but no more cole haan air stuff for me now..
  7. Yes I have tons. They are super comfortable and are my everyday shoes.
  8. I must be in the minority here. I bought a pair of the Cole Haan "Nike Air" sandals last summer and I found the ones I purchased to be one of the most uncomfortable pairs of sandals I've ever owned and I thought with the low heel and cushioned sole, they'd be great. I was really disappointed with them, but maybe I just got a bad pair.
  9. I have a pair of the *sandals* (not sure what to call them). I love them to death. Very much worth the $$$ I paid for them (I normally don't spend $$$ on shoes! :smile: )

    ps your shoes look great!
  10. Hmm...this is all contradicting information. I have been wanting to buy a pair because of all the good things I read about in the magazine but now I'm not so sure. I like wearing heels and not flats but I have wide feet so they tend to hurt.

    Kat- those shoes are really cute btw. Can you or anyone who's worn them give some feedback whether the higher heels are comfortable for an 8 hour workday?
  11. cute shoes :biggrin: I have some cole haan nike boots and they were the most comfortable in the store! I tried on them all, haha. love them.
  12. I don't have pumps, but I bought TWO pairs of the same shoe - they're Mary Jane flats with the little Nike Air bubble. They are so comfortable, I've walked miles and miles in them!
  13. I have their sneakers and boots and they are VERY comfortable. But I have not tried their pumps yet.
  14. anyone try the pumps?
  15. i have the same pair as the original post'er and i love them. i literally run up and down my office in them.